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Opto Engineering Adaptive Lens AOL0223A

Opto Engineering Lens

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AO Series Adaptive Lens

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Opto Engineering AO Series: AOL0223A , M30.5×0.5 Mount

AOL0223A is a positve adaptive focusing lens. Dynamic industrial inspections need advanced technology to maintain focus in challenging applications . Adjusting the focus of a camera on a robot arm, or tracking items across the field of view, are common examples where active focusing is required.

For this reason, Opto Engineering® has developed a small plug-and-play focusing lens with embedded optics and electronics. It allows the user to refocus the lens faster than mechanically moving the lens with traditional motorized solutions. The built-in driver has been specifically developed to accurately control the piezoelectric elements. Adjusting focus on the fly has never been so easy.

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  • Fast
    The adaptive lens can change optical power in 1/100th of a second
  • Simple
    Just attach the adaptive lens to a fixed focal lens, connect the power supply and ethernet cable and start focusing.
  • Compact The adaptive lens and driving electronics are integrated into a small housing that mounts to the front of your fixed focal length lens.
  • Connector
    Rj45, 12-pin Hirose
  • Optical Specs
    Powe Max. +3.5, Power Min. O

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Diagram Opto Engineering AOL0223A adaptive mount



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