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Opto Engineering CMHOTC16M009

Opto Engineering Lens

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CMHO Series

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Opto Engineering CMHO  Series: CMHOTC16M009, Optical Axis Height 50 mm

The accurate alignment of optical components is crucial when designing measurement systems. Besides optical components stability, the mechanical system layout should assure that the optical axis is orthonormal to the measurement plane.

For this purpose, Uniforce Sales and Engineering supplies CMHO Series Clamping Mechanics, compatible with  Opto lenses and Opto telecentric illuminators. Three-point mounting ensures a precise and stable alignment of the optical components, also making the assembling procedure quick and simple.


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Mechanical Specifications
Compatible teleplates (CMPT)
Length (mm) 143
Width (mm) 66.5
Height (mm) 81.3
Optical axis height (mm) 50
Mass (g) 500


Compatible Products

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Telecentric lens for 35 mm detectors, magnification 4.000 x, F-mount
Telecentric lens for 35 mm detectors, magnification 4.000 x, mount M58x0.75 FD = 6.56

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