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Opto Engineering LTCLCR120-R

Opto Engineering Lens

Product Family


Part Number




Sensor Size


Lens Type

Ultra Compact Telecentric Illuminator

Focal Length


Salient Features

Telecentric CORE illuminator, beam dimensions Ø = 156, x = 130, red, 630 nm


  • Deliver excellent performances
    LTCLHP CORE telecentric illuminators deliver exactly the same excellent optical performances as other Opto Engineering® telecentric illuminators.
  • Downsize your vision system
    LTCLHP CORE telecentric illuminators are up to 60% smaller than other telecentric illuminators on the market.
  • Easily fit into existing systems
    LTCLHP CORE illuminators can be mounted in different directions in your machine.
  • Improve your system performances
    LTCLHP CORE illuminators may be used instead of flat backlights to improve your system.
  • Help to spare and sell
    A smaller system means less expenses and less space and is preferred by the industry.


Optical specifications

Minimum beam shape dimension (7) (mm) Ø = 156, x = 130
Working distance range (mm) 220-440
Light color, peak wavelength (5) red, 630 nm


Electrical specifications

Device power ratings
DC voltage minimum(1) (V) 12
DC voltage maximum(1) (V) 24
Power consumption (W) < 2.5
Max LED forward current (2) (mA) 350
LED power ratings
Forward voltage (typical) (3) (V) 2.4
Forward voltage (max) (3) (V) 3.00
Max pulse current (4) (mA) 2000
  • Mechanical specifications
A (mm) 182
B (mm) 220
(6) (mm) 231
Mass (g) 9060
Compatible telecentric lenses
Compatibility TCCRxx0120, CMHOCR0120, CMPTCR0120, TCCR2M0120-x, TCCR4M0120-x, TCxx0120, TCxMHR0120x, TC16M0120, TC16M0120-Q, TC12K0120
Eye safety
Risk group according to CEI EN 62471:2010 Exempt

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