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Opto Engineering Bi-Telecentric TC23056

Opto Engineering Lens

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TC Series Bi-Telecentric Lens

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Opto Engineering TC Series:  TC23056, C Mount, 11.0 mm Sensor

TC series bi-telecentric lenses represent the key component of any measurement system powered by machine vision: these lenses can truly take advantage of high-resolution detectors such as 5 MP – 2/3?, acquiring images with exceptional fidelity and precision.

Opto Engineering bi-telecentric design allows these optics to achieve pure telecentricity: no magnification change occurs when moving away or towards the subject,
making TC series ideal for measurement applications of mechanical parts ranging from extruded aluminium profiles to tiny clock gears. TC Series lenses are reliable and easy to use.

Additionally you can further enhance depth of field and optical accuracy by pairing our TC lenses with LTCLHP telecentric illuminators. TC Series lenses are reliable and easy to use.


Opto Engin TC23056 lens diagram

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