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Zeiss Interlock Compact 2.4/85 M42 Mount


Product Family

Interlock compact

Part Number




Sensor Size

43 mm

Lens Type

Large Format

Focal Length

85 mm

Salient Features

Zeiss Interlock Compact 2.4/85 M42 Mount  Part Number 000000-2192-042
New lens family for industrial use – The new ZEISS Interlock Compact lens family consists of four lenses: ZEISS Interlock Compact 2.8/21, 2/35, 2/50, 2.4/25, and 2.4/85.

The ZEISS Interlock Compact lens family features a short M42x1 mount (18mm FFD) and screws that allow exact locking of aperture and focus. The M42x1 mount offers outstanding stability. The camera lenses feature an image circle measuring 43 mm and are therefore suitable for line sensors of up to 43 mm (2k – 8k) or for area scan sensors of up to 24 x 36 mm (16 – 71 Mpixels).

All lenses impress with their high and unwavering image quality and precise manual focus. If needed the aperture can be continuously adjusted by taking advantage of the the de-click function, allowing precise exposure setting. Their low weight and robust metal design make the lenses suitable for rough industrial use.


Zeiss  Interlock Compact 2.4/85   M42 Mount   Features

  •  M42 Screw Mount
  • Very compact but suitable to large image format
  • For   industrial   cameras   up   to   sensor   sizes   of 24×36 mm or 41mm line sensors
  • Precise manual focusing
  • Robust full-metal construction
  • Features  special  screws  to  fix  focus  and  aperture settings even in rough situations
  • Resistant against vibrations and shocks
  • Contrast over the entire image field

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