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Zeiss Ventum 2.8/21


Product Family


Part Number



E mount

Sensor Size

43 mm

Lens Type


Focal Length

21 mm

Salient Features

Lightweight industrial lens with E-mount for use with drones

The ZEISS Ventum® 2.8/21 offers outstanding optical quality in a compact and rugged aluminum housing. The extremely fast, fixed-focal-length lens for Sony’s E-Mount was primarily developed for use with drones. Lenses used for this purpose must be as small and light as possible, yet still offer outstanding image quality. Thanks to its compact design and the use of a fixed-focus setting, the weight of the ZEISS Ventum® 2.8/21 has been reduced by 50% compared to the Interlock Compact 2.8/21. This reduction in weight allows drones to fly longer, resulting in greater efficiency.

The lens is equipped with the E-Mount and is compatible with large area-scan and line-scan sensors with an image circle of up to 43 mm and a pixel size starting at 2.8 µm. The aperture can be adjusted on the lens by 1/3 f-stops from F2.8 to F22. The locking and torque of the aperture ring are designed to prevent accidental adjustment due to vibrations or the movement of the drone through the air.

Drones are important tools in modern surveillance applications, and will become increasingly common in the future. The ZEISS Ventum 2.8/21 offers unmatched data quality for applications such as cartography, creating three-dimensional models, inspections, surveys or monitoring project progress from the air.



  • Excellent Image Quality
  • Fixed Infinisty focus setting
  • Lightweight Mechanical design with reducted movind parts
  • robust full-metal alloy housing
  • 50% weight reduction to comparable lens
  • Spalsh-water and  dust resisten lens housing
  • cover line scan sensors up to 43 mm are scann up to 24×36 mm²


Focal Length 21 mm
Aperture Range f/2.8 -f/22
Number of Elements/Groups 11/9
Focus Range (Object to sensor) Fixed:set to ∞
Angular Field* (diag./horiz./vert. 91º/81º/59º
Max. Diameter of Image Field 43.3 mm (1.7″)
Flange Focal Length ( In air) 18.0 mm, E mount
Position of Entrance Pupil (relative to Image sensor) 66.91 mm
Position of Exit Pupil (relative to Image sensor) 39.28 mm
Filter-Thread M52 x 0.75
Length 67.8mm
Diameter ( max.) 62.mm
Diameter (Aperature Ring) 47.4 mm
Weight (without caps) 227g
Camera Mount E mount

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