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Bar Light AL126

Advanced Illumination Lighting

Product Family


Lighting Type

Bar Light


Blue (470), Red (625), White (WHI)

Size Inside


Size Outside


Salient Features

AL126-: Expandable Series, Compact Bar Light

  • High intensity light in a small package – Only 20mm (.79”) wide
  • Expandable in 50mm (2”) increments from 50mm (2”) to 1,016mm (40”)
  • Washdown & Non Washdown option available
  • Best suited for close-up inspection (working distance of <3.86m, 152″)
  • Very diffuse illuminator


General SpecsMechanical SpecsPart No KeyConnector ControlOptical PerformanceElectrical Spec.Change Notice
AL126_GenSpecs_Ai Advanced Illumination Lighting

AL126_MechSpec_Ai Advanced Illumination Lighting

control spec AL126
AL126 Optical Spec
AL126 Electrical spec

PCN No: 144

Date Issued: February 22, 2018

Notice Type: Product Change

Type: Washdown Lights

Change Notification Summary

Advanced illumination (Ai) is improving the way we manufacture washdown lights which will change their outward appearance. We will be replacing the black cordstock with clear flowable silicon. This change will provide a more durable finish and will effect the following lights: AL116, AL126, AL143, AL179, AL295, BL128, QM116, QM126, LL174 and SL147.

Please contact your Ai Sales Representative if you have any questions.

Washdown Lights Flowable Silicon


PCN No: 124

Date Issued: June 3, 2016

Notice Type: Product Revision Change

Product Type: AL126

Change Notification Summary

In an effort to improve our products, Advanced illumination (Ai) will update the LEDs used in the AL126 design. This change will result in a brighter, more uniform light at the same price*. Customers may still buy the current revision of this model until September 16th of 2016. After that time, orders for these products will be converted to their respective AL126 Revison A models.

This LED change will result in additional wavelengths being available: 365nm, 375nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm, 455nm, 530nm, 590nm, 730nm, 850nm and 940nm. Additionally the white LED color temperture will be changing from 6100K to 5000K.

*Visable and IR wavelengths that did not exist will prior will be sold at the same list price as the original colors. UV wavelengths (365nm, 375nm, 385nm, 395nm & 405nm) will be sold at a higher price that will be released at the time of product introduction.

Orders for customized (dash numbers) versions of AL126 will be honored until January 27th of 2017. Ai will be actively working with customers for those products to simplify the transition.


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