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Bar Light BL313


Product Family


Lighting Type

Bar Light


White (WHI)

Size Inside


Size Outside


Salient Features

Bar Light BL313: Medium Intensity Linear Backlights, 2″ increments up to 20″

This Linear Backlight delivers intense, diffuse illumination in a scalable design. The BL313 features 17x higher output intensity than the existing BL193, and it is available with varying power options for strobed or continuous operation. Ideal for backlighting line scan applications and object silhouetting.




Pre-Engineered Scalability Enables
Customized Emitting Lengths in 2″
Increments to 20″
• Intense, Diffuse Lighting with 226 kLux at
Emitting Surface
• Multiple Available Wavelengths, Including
Visible Monochromatics, Infrared, and White
• Available Washdown Option for Difficult


General SpecsMechanical SpecsOptical PerformanceElectrical SpecConnector ControlPart No Key


Electrical Specifications Color 24V Current All Other Controls
455, 470, 530, WHI 0.12A per 2″ 0.16A per 2″
590, 625 0.06A per 2″ 0.20A per 2″
850, 940 0.12A per 2″ 0.20A per 2″
Max Case Temperature 60°C @ 25°C Ambient
Ambient Temperature Range 0-50°C
Weight .482 lbs for 12″ model (BL31312)
Standard Cable Information 2 M long -0/+150 mm (80″ -0/+6″) – 105°C rated PVC jacket, foil shield with drain.
Photobiological Risk Factor Exempt Applicable Wavelengths: 850, 940
Group 1 (Low-Risk) Applicable Wavelengths: 455, 470, 530, 590, 625, 660, 730, WHI
Compliance CE, RoHS, IEC 62471
IP Rating P65 Sealed, IP50 Unsealed
Lumen Maintenance L70 = 50,000 Hours


Mechanical Spec.


bl313 optical specs.

bl313 electrical spec

bl313 connector chart

bl313 part chart


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