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Backlights BL-S050075

Advanced Illumination Lighting

Product Family


Lighting Type



Amber (590), Blue (455), Blue (470), Green (530), IR (730), IR (850), IR (940), Red (625), Red (660), White (WHI)

Size Inside


Size Outside


Salient Features

BL-S050075: EuroBrite, Strobe /Continuous  Backlight

  • Cost-effective, feature-rich design
  • Robust, sealed IP67 enclosure
  • On-board smart driver – seamless strobe or continuous
  • Adaptive Overdrive – optimized power under all strobe conditions
  • Adaptive Power – factors in your light heat sink options and external temperature options to maximize performance and lifespan
General SpecsMechanical SpecsPart No KeyOptical PerformanceOperation Wiring

General Specs.

Electrical Specifications Color Current All Other Controls
455, 470, 505, 530, 590, 625, 660, 730, 850, 940, WHI ~0.27A N/A

General Specs Cont.

Input Voltage Range 24V nom. (min 22/max 28)
Input Voltage Range 24V nom. (min 22/max 28)
Maximum Input Current 0.42-0.49A
Strobe/On-Off Control Up to 5X overdrive, active high
Analog Intensity Control Analog 0.7-10V; 0.7V=10% 10V=100%
Trigger-to-Pulse Latency 10μsec
Normal Operating Temperature 0 – 60°C
Weight 92.53g (3.27oz)
Standard Cable Information No cable included; see part number LC2-M12-5-FX or use standard coded 5-pin M12.
Photobiological Risk Factor Exempt Applicable Wavelengths: 850, 940
Group 1 (Low-Risk) Applicable Wavelengths: 455, 470, 505, 530, 590, 625, 660, 730, WHI
Compliance CE, RoHS, IEC 62471
IP Rating IP67
Lumen Maintenance L70 = 50,000 Hours
BL-S050075_MechSpec_Ai Advanced Illumination Lighting

BL-S050075_Int_Dist_Ai Advanced Illumination Lighting

 BL-S050075_Area_of_Ill_Ai Advanced Illumination Lighting


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