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Coaxial Light DL225

Advanced Illumination Lighting

Product Family


Lighting Type



Amber (590), Blue (455), Blue (470), Green (530), IR (730), IR (850), IR (940), Red (625), UV (365), UV (375), UV (385), UV (395), Violet (405), White (WHI)

Size Inside

51 - 70

Size Outside

121 - 140

Salient Features

DL225 Coaxial Light, High Power Series

  • Consistent diffuse illumination over the 50 x 50mm (2 x 2”) field of view
  • Improved performance with unique modular heat sink and circuit design
  • Excellent light stability
  • Over twice as bright as the DL2449 and DL104
  • Broad range of wavelengths available

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