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Controller ICS 2

Advanced Illumination Lighting

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Salient Features

ICS 2 :  Inline Controller  with Built-in Current Regulation

  • Fast response time – 30µS gating time
  • Wash down version available
  • 0 – 100%Intensity Control with optional MP-iCS
  • ICS provides optimum current drive to a light head assembly, replacing external current driver units
  • Intensity control is accessible via a wire which accepts a 0-10VDC voltage. This adjusts the controller between 0%-100%
  • An optional accessory (MP-ICS) can be purchased to provide manual intensity control via an external potentiometer
  • DC gate control input is available to enable/disable the ICS output, thereby turning the light on and off
  • The ICS unit employs reverse input polarity protection.
General SpecsMechanical SpecsPart No KeyConnector ControlOperation Wiring
ICS_2_Gen Advanced Illumination Lighting
ICS_2_MechSpec_2a Advanced Illumination Lighting  ICS_2_MechSpec_2 Advanced Illumination Lighting
ICS_2_PartKey Advanced Illumination Lighting
ICS_2_ConnCont Advanced Illumination Lighting
ICS_2_OpWire Advanced Illumination Lighting


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