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Controller ICS 3 & I3S

Advanced Illumination Lighting

Product Family

3S, ICS 3

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Salient Features

ICS 3 & I3S: Inline Control System; Combined Strobe/Continuous Operation

The I3 and I3S Inline Controllers provide overdrive strobe and continuous operation to lights from a small package when larger, more versatile discrete controllers are not necessary.

Switching between continuous-on, gating on/off and strobe overdrive is seamless. The I3 and I3S employ Ai’s exclusive Adaptive OverdriveTM that optimizes strobe power regardless of input Pulse Width.

The I3 is a default-on device on power-up, whereas the I3S is a default-off device, requiring a trigger to illuminate


General SpecsMechanical SpecsFlexTechElectrical SpecsWire Diagrams
Controller Style Inline Control System (Cable Inline, Permanently Affixed)
Operating Modes Pulse (Overdrive Strobe), Gated Continuous, Continuous
Input Connection Flying Tinned Leads or Optional A-coded 5-pin Male M12 Connector
Input Supply Requirements 24V DC Nominal, 1.25A Recommended
21V Min – 30V Max; Power Inputs Reverse-Polarity Protected
Output Channels 1 Inline Channel
Output Power Continuous: 25W Max*
Pulsed: 125W Peak Max*
Output Current Continuous: 1.25A Max*
Pulsed: 8A Max* (Load Dependent)
Output Voltage Vin – 1V
Trigger Signal Single PNP, Active High, TTL Compatible
2.5V Min – 30V Max, <=5mA
Trigger Protection Protected up to 30V
Trigger Delay 20μs + 10μs LED rise-time
Trigger Frequency Limit 2KHz *Requires Duty Cycle ≤ 1% beyond 1KHz
Pulse Width Range 30μs – ∞
Duty Cycle Range <5% up to 5ms
<10% up to 10ms
≥ 10% past 10ms
Analog Dimming 0V – 10V (0% – 100%); <=5mA
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to +40°C
Storage Temperature Range -25°C to +85°C
IP Rating Non-sealed: Not Rated
Sealed: IP67
Dimensions Non-sealed: 3.73″ x 0.82″ DIA (94.6mm x 20.6mm DIA)
Sealed: 5.06″ x 0.82 DIA (128.7mm x 20.6mm DIA)
Weight Approx. 0.106lb (48g)
Mounting N/A (In-line)
Case Material Polycarbonate
Warranty 5 Years
Compliance CE, RoHS
*Values shown are based on controller component limitations. Actual limitations will vary depending on the limits set for the connected light head. These limits are hardcoded into each in-line controller to prevent LED failure from occurring when driven beyond the light’s acceptable range.
Mech Spec I3 & I3S 


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