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Controller Pulsar 320E

Advanced Illumination Lighting

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Pulsar 320E

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Pulsar 320E : High Current Controller

The Pulsar 320E provides the ultimate in lighting control for strobe-only, high power applications.

2 outputs for controlling 2 lights independently, each capable of 50A @ 100V DC.

NOTE: If you’ve purchased a Pulsar 320 in the past, please see the change notice below for details on what updates have been made to the Pulsar series.



Controller Style Discrete Control System (External, Detachable)
User Interface Software GUI
Operating Mode Pulse (Overdrive Strobe)
Light Head Connection Via Proprietary Header Block with Embedded EEPROM on Light Head Cable (C5)
Input Supply Requirements 24V DC Nominal, 4.0A Recommended
21V Min – 30V Max; Power Inputs Reverse-Polarity Protected
Output Channels Number of Outputs: 2
Number of Channels per Output: 1
Output Power Pulsed: 5000W Peak Total, 2500W Peak per Channel*
Output Current Pulsed: 100A Max Total, 50A per Channel*
Output Voltage Pulsed: 100V Max*
Trigger Signal 2.5V Min – 30V Max, <=5mA
Trigger Protection Protected up to 30V
Trigger Delay <2μs
Trigger Frequency Limit 2KHz
Pulse Width Range 1μs – 100ms
Programmable Pulse Delay 1μs – 1ms
Duty Cycle Range Typical <1% for high current overdrive, up to 15%
Dependent on the limitations of the connected light.
Dimming Range 0% – 100%, 1mA Increments via Software Settings
Status Indicator LEDs Green: Power
Yellow: Communication
Red: Error
Communication 10/100 Ethernet Standard TCP-IP, UDP
USB (Custom HID)
C++ Library
Operating System Software Support GUI: Windows 7+ x86 and x86-64, Linux x86 and x86-64 (requires Kernel 2.6.39+ with libudev installed)
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to +55°C
Storage Temperature Range -25°C to +85 °C
IP Rating Not Rated
Dimensions 4.40″ x 3.37″ x 5.10″ (111.6mm x 85.6mm x 129.5mm)
Weight 1.63lb (739g)
Mounting DIN Rail
Case Material Aluminum and Steel
Warranty 5 Years
Compliance CE, RoHS



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