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Ring Light RL152

Advanced Illumination Lighting

Product Family


Lighting Type

Ring Lights - Dark Field


Blue (470), Green (530), Red (625), White (WHI)

Size Inside


Size Outside


Salient Features

RL152: High Performance Dark Field Ring Light

  • Collimation greatly improves edge detection of curved objects
  • Available in 1” increments; Sizes from 1” x 1” up to 16” x 16”


General SpecsMechanical SpecsPart No KeyConnector ControlOptical Performance
RL152_GenSpecs_Ai Advanced Illumination Lighting
RL152_MechSpec_Ai Advanced Illumination Lighting
RL152_PartNo_AiAdvanced Illumination Lighting
RL152_ConnCont_Ai Advanced Illumination Lighting
RL152_Int_Dist_Ai Advanced Illumination Lighting RL152_Area_of_Ill_Ai Advanced Illumination Lighting


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