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Spot Light SL-S050075

Advanced Illumination Lighting

Product Family


Lighting Type

Continuous Light, Spot Lights, Strobe light


Blue (470), Red (625), White (WHI)

Size Inside


Size Outside


Salient Features

SL-S050075: EuroBrite™  Strobe/Continuous Spot Light

  • Cost-effective, feature-rich design
  • Robust, sealed IP67 enclosure
  • On-board smart driver – seamless strobe or continuous
  • Adaptive Overdrive – optimized power under all strobe conditions
  • Adaptive Power – factors in your light heat sink options and external temperature options to maximize performance and lifespan


General SpecsMechanical SpecsPart No KeyOptical PerformanceOperation Wiring
SL-S050075_GenSpec Advanced Illumination Lighting
SL-S050075_MechSpec Advanced Illumination Lighting
SL-S050075_PartKey Advanced Illumination Lighting
SL-S050075_Int_Dist_Ai Advanced Illumination Lighting SL-S050075_Area_of_Ill_Ai Advanced Illumination Lighting
SL-S050075_OpWire Advanced Illumination Lighting


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