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Opto Engineering LTCL4K Series Illuminators

Flat Telecentric Illuminators for 4k Line Scan Cameras


LTCL4K flat telecentric illuminators are specifically designed to be paired with TC4K telecentric lenses, in order to provide the high optical throughput needed for high-speed linescan measurement applications involving for instance steering components, gear and cam shafts, grinding and turning parts.

These illuminators are equipped with state-of-the-art LED driving electronics, providing exceptional illumination stability, precise light intensity tuning and easy replacement of the LED source.The unique “slim” form factor allows these units to be used in constrained spaces, often a critical factor in many industrial environments.

Also, CMMR deflecting mirror accessories can be integrated to quickly assemble different illumination geometries, compatible with most type of inspection configurations.


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  • Compact design
    “Flat” shape for easy integration
  • High optical throughput and enhanced field depth
    when coupled with compatible TC4K telecentric lenses
  • Dedicated CMMR4K mirrors 
    Right-angle deflection of the light path for usage in tight spaces

Watch LTCL4K Application Video


Title Click to Download PDF
Telecentric Lens Tutorial : Basic Information and Principles PDF
TC Series Catalog PDF PDF

Tech Info

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Application Examples

A LTCL4K back-illuminating a mechanical component and interfaced to a TC4K telecentric lens. LTCL4K_App01
A LTCL4K directly illuminating a sample and serving as a linear telecentric illuminator.
A LTCL4K illuminator coupled with a TC4K lens using a CMMR4K deflecting mirrors to scan samples on a glass surface.


Optical specs Mechanical specifications Compatibility
Part number Light color,
wavelength peak
range (mm)
Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Compatible TC4K PDF
LTCL4K060-G green, 520 nm 71 10 90-300 218.3 83 38.5 TC4K060 PDF
LTCL4K060-W white 71 10 90-300 218.3 83 38.5 TC4K060 PDF
LTCL4K090-G green, 520 nm 102 10 90-300 295.2 114 38.5 TC4K090 PDF
LTCL4K090-W white 102 10 90-300 295.2 114 38.5 TC4K090 PDF
LTCL4K120-G green, 520 nm 132 10 90-300 306.3 144 38.5 TC4K120 PDF
LTCL4K120-W white 132 10 90-300 306.3 144 38.5 TC4K120 PDF
LTCL4K180-G green, 520 nm 187 10 120-450 483.5 206 38.5 TC4K180 PDF
LTCL4K180-W white 187 10 120-450 483.5 206 38.5 TC4K180 PDF
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