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Machine Vision Light Bracket E-GTR-02S

Iris GTR Light Bracket, E-GTR-02S






light bracket

Iris GTR Light Bracket Key Features

  • CEI application specific design
  • Focusing & optics removal without disassembly
  • Easy-open dust cover protection
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Tailored for a specific range of Lights & Optics
  • Single point Swivellink mounting
  • High quality windows by MidOpt
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Type 2 anodizing
  • Competitive pricing
  • Made in USA



Light Bracket Specs* (CEI part number E-GTR-02S)Iris-GTR

  • CEI Design Variation: “U” aperture short
  • Camera: Matrox Iris GTR Smart Camera Series
  • Supported Optics: See appendix table “A”
  • Supported Lights: See appendix table “B”
  • Window: MIDOPT Acrylic AR coated (AC380-46)
  • Mounting: M5 tapped holes for Swivellink SLM-1
  • Sealing: Full Dust Cover and Window
  • Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Coating: Type 2 anodized
  • Length: 50.80 mm (Light bracket only) 101.33 mm (with Camera & Light Plate)
  • Height: 84.84 mm (Light bracket only)
  • Width: 82.06 mm (Light bracket only)
  • Window Diameter: 46 mm
  • Light Plate Dimensions: 120.65 mm x 87.73 mm
  • Weight: 44 g (W/O Camera, Optics, Light, or Mount)
  • *Optics, Lights, and Mount dealer supplied

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