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Mikrotron GigE Vision Cameras

Mikrotron EoSens® GE, Plug and Play

MIKROTRON high-speed cameras with Gigabit Ethernet interface can be used for the most diverse applications. The technical flexibility of the interface allows for the transfer of data with rates of up to 110 MB/s and maximum cable lengths of 100 m. Using Gigabit Ethernet and GigE Vision standards MIKROTRON high-speed cameras can be integrated into already existing system without any complication. Even complex installations with several cameras are easy to be realized.

WEB-GigE-Vision-LogoHigh-speed cameras with Gigabit Ethernet interface are capable of capturing up to 80 frames per second, which can be transferred to a PC via standard GigE cable. Without additional hardware (frame grabber) or extensive installation the camera is ready to use (Plug and Play).

Even under difficult lighting conditions fast motion processes can be reliably analyzed and optimized with the EoSens®.

EoSens® GE Technical Data

EoSens® GE
monochrome / color
Resolution 1.3 Mpix
Frame rate 81 fps
Sensor LUPA1300-2
Optical format 1″
Pixel size 14 x 14 μm
Sensitivity (mono) 10.2 V/lux*s @ 550 nm
Dynamic range 57 dB / up to 90 dB
Mount options F-Mount / C-Mount
Conformity GigE Vision® / GenICam / RoHS / CE
Features Multiple ROI / FPN Correction / Triple Slope / Binning Mode

EoSens® GE Frame Rates

Resolution EoSens® GE
1,280 x 1,024 px 81 fps
1,024 x 768 px 130 fps
640 x 480 px 330 fps
400 x 300 px 790 fps
60 x 60 px 6,140 fps
Maximal frame rate 152,90 fps

FeaturesFlexible Resolution & SpeedGigabit EthernetMax Speed, Max LightOrder GigE Vision

EoSens ® GE Features

  • 81 fps at 1.3 megapixel resolution
  • More than 15,000 fps at reduced resolution
  • 63 x 63 x 46 mm small
  • High contrast images with 90 dB dynamic range
  • Gigabit Ethernet / GigE Vison® interface
  • Up to 100 m cable length without additional hardware
  • Shock and vibration proof
  • Fanless design

EoSens ® GE Flexible Resolution and Speed

The EoSens ® GE transfers up to 80 frames/second at maximum resolution of 1,280 (H) x 1,024 (V) pixels. By freely choosing of the Region of Interest (ROI), frame rate can be increased up to 80,000 frames per second. Multiple ROI for Choosing Several Objects The EoSens ® allows the user simultaneously choose up to three individual RoIs within the complete frame range. Thus, multiple objects can be captured independently at the same time.


Gigabit Ethernet:  High Speed Vision

The EoSens ® GE is the high-speed camera made for Gigabit Ethernet. Without costly hardware, the camera is ready-touse with any current Gigabit Ethernet PC or notebook. The camera’s GigE Vision standard enables easy connection and parametrization of camera, hardware and software.


1.3 Megapixels at 80 fps:  Maximum Light Efficiency and Speed Maximum Photo Sensitivity

No need to worry about the light – the EoSens ® is the first high-speed camera with a photo-sensitivity of 2,500 ISO/ASA. Thus it opens up completely new potential for high-speed inspection/monitoring. Even in low-light conditions, the EoSens ® provides high-speed images without complex lighting equipment. Dynamic Range Adjustment of Extreme Contrasts Through two selectable steps, the camera’s Dynamic Range Adjustment option allows to approach the CMOS sensor’s linear range into a non-linear dynamic range. Consequently, the EoSens® provides definite image details even in cases of extreme dark-light contrasts, which means an invaluable benefit exceptionally in image processing.

Pixel Exposure for Indefinite Lighting Conditions

If desired, pixel exposure can be accumulated up to seven times, resulting in alternative image exposures. The optimally exposed image can be selected for further processing. In indefinite lighting conditions, as in 24-hour outdoor applications, the EoSens ® becomes the high-speed camera that spots everything.


Mikrotron GigE Vision Models

Model Name Part Number Sensor Type Sensor Size Resolution Interface Int. Type Mono/ Color Frame Rate Data Sheet
EoSens GE CAMMC1364 CMOS 1″ 1.3 MP GigE Vision Monochrome 80 fps PDF
EoSens GE CAMMC1365 CMOS 1″ 1.3 MP GigE Vision Color (Bayer) 80 fps PDF

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