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ONYX Lenses Schneider Optics



Previously called Fast Lenses, is now renamed as Onyx Lenses. These 2/3″ lenses feature an extremely high relative aperture of 0.95, making them perfectly suitable for low light applications. The lenses are corrected and coated for the visible range from 400 to 700 nm.

Even under production and/ or extreme production conditions, the robust mechanical design with lockable focus and iris setting mechanism guarantees reliable continuous use in which the set
optical parameters remain in place.

Our Onyx lenses are perfectly suited for applications like traffic, robot vision, 3D-Measurement, food processing, medical, machine vision, and other image applications.



  • Inital aperture of 0.95
  • C  mount
  • Focal Length 25mm
  • 1″ ( 16mm) max. sensor size



  • Traffic
  • Medical
  • Robot vision
  • 3D-Measurement
  • Food processing
  • Machine vision


ONYX Lenses Schneider Lens

High Resolution C-Mount Lenses with Manual Iris and Focus with Lockable Iris and Focus.


Image circle: Transmission: 400 -700nm
Interface: C-mount Initial aperture :



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Focal Length

Datasheet Download

 Xenon 0.95/17 mm 21-010456

This Item is being phased out. E.O.L.

17 mm PDF
Xenon 0.95/25 mm 012101 25 mm PDF


Accessories For Fast Lens

Part Number


25081 CS-mount adapter
39316 C-mount extension tube 5 mm
39312 C-mount extension tube 10 mm
1075817 C-mount / M42 x 1 adapter
39315 C-mount extension tube 8 mm

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