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Opto Engineering Lenses

Telecentric Lenses, Telecentric Illuminators, Infrared Lenses, Optical Assemblies, and Adaptive Lens

Opto Engineering_Lens_RowTC series bi-telecentric lenses represent the key component of any measurement system powered by machine vision: these lenses can truly take advantage of high-resolution detectors such as 5 MP – 2/3?, acquiring images with exceptional fidelity and precision.

Opto Engineering bi-telecentric design allows these optics to achieve pure telecentricity: no magnification change occurs when moving away or towards the subject, making TC series ideal for measurement applications of mechanical parts ranging from extruded aluminium profiles to tiny clock gears.

About Opto

Since 2002, Opto Engineering The Telecentric Company has designed and manufactured high quality optical systems and products for the machine vision industry. Their superior performing telecentric lenses set them apart as an innovator in the optics industry. We offer their full line of telecentric and infrared lenses.

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Telecentric  Lenses

TC Series

Bi-Telecentric Lenses For Matrix Detectors up to 2/3″

Opto_TC13064 Jpeg

TC Series bi-telecentric lenses represent the key component of any measurement system powered by machine vision

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TC CORE Series

Ultra Compact Bi-Telecentric Lenses For Matrix Detectors up to 2/3″

TCCR4M080-F pic

TC CORE These lenses deliver high-end optical performances and at the same time are up to 70% smaller than other double-sided telecentric lenses on the market

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TCLWD Series

Long Working Distance Telecentric Lenses for 2/3″ Dectors


TCLWD is a range of telecentric lenses specifically designed for electronic and semiconductor Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and tool pre-setting machines.

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TCCX Series

Telecentric Lenses for 2/3″ Detectors With Bilt-In Coaxial Illumination.

TCCX Series opto Engineering Lens

TCCX series is a rage of lenses designed for flat surface measurement and defect inspections that offers the same magnifications and working distance of TCLWD series while adding integrated coaxial light.

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TCUV Series

UV Telecentric Lenses

TCUV Series Opto Engin Lens

TCUV Series bi-telecentric lenses are specifically designed to ensure the highest image resolution today available in the machine vision world.

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High Resolution Telecentric Lenses For Large Detectors Up to 1.2″

TC2MHR_TC4MHR OptoEngin_Lens_Pic

The re-designed TC1MHR-TC4MHR series outperforms the previous version featuring unmatched resolution, low distortion and homogeneous image quality series.

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Ultra Compact Telecentric Lenses Tailored for High-Resolution Sensors up to 4/3”

TCCR2M096-E opto pic

The TC2MHR-TC4MHR Core Series lenses deliver excellent optical performances in a super compact shape

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TC16M Series

Telecentric Lenses for 35 mm and 4k/8k Linescam Cameras


TC16M is specifically designed to fit 35 mm format (36 x 24 mm) detectors with very high resolution, such as 11, 16 or 29 MP.

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TC4K Series

Flat Telecentric Lenses for 4k Linescan Cameras


TC4K is designed for measurement applications using linescan cameras with a detector size up to 28.7 mm (e.g. 4096 pixels with pixel size 7 ?m).

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TC12K Series

Ultra High Speed and Performance: Mono and Color up to 8k


TC12K is designed to fit very large line detector cameras. An image circle diameter larger than 62 mm combined with the very high resolution featured by this lens family makes TC12K Series the solution of choice for 12 and 16k pixel cameras.

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CMHO Series

A Crucial Accurate Alignment Tool Ideal for Designing Measurement Systems.

CMHO Clamp Opto thumb

Opto Engineering compatible Lenses include the following:



Telecentric Optics Selection for Machine Vision Lab


TCKIT case includes a selection of some of the most commonly used telecentric optics in measurement applications.

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IR Optics (Infrared Lenses)


SWIR Series

Short wave infrared lenses



SWIR series is a range of short-wave infrared lenses specifically designed to operate in the 0.9-1.7 µm wavelength region..

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Short wave infrared lenses for 2/3″ Detectors

ESWIRMP 2.3 inch Lens_ Opto Engin.


ENSWIRMP  series is a  short wave infrared C – mount lenses for up to 2/3″ detectors

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MWIR Series

Medium wave infrared lenses



MWIR series is a range of medium-wave infrared lenses specifically designed to operate in the 3-5 ?m wavelength region with InSb Focal Plane Arrays (FPA)

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LWIR Series

Long wave infrared lenses


LWIR series is a range of long-wave infrared lenses specifically designed to operate in the 8-14 ?m wavelenght region with uncooled detectors (a-Si, VOx,…)

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  Fixed Focal Lens

   360º Optics

En4K Series

Opto Engin_EN4K_Lens Picture


Line scan lenses for FF full frame detectors and up to 43-45 mm image circle

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PC Series

Pc Series lens Picture_ opto Engin

Pericentric lenses are designed to work with 1/3”, 1/2” and 2/3” detectors. These detectors ensure the most appropriate optical magnification factor to achieve the field depth required by high resolution 3D pericentric imaging.

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Telecentric Illuminators


High performance telecentric illuminators

Opto_LTCLHP_Illuminator Pic


LTCLHP telecentric illuminators offer higher edge contrast when compared to diffused back light illuminators and therefore higher measurement accuracy

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Ultra Compact telecentric illuminators

ultra compact telecentric illuminator opto engineering picture

LTCLHP Core illuminators The smaller system means it can be used both with classic telecentric lenses and with ultra compact telecentric lenses.

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LTCL4K Series

Flat telecentric illuminators for 4k linescan cameras


LTCL4K telecentric illuminators are specifically designed to be paired with TC4K telecentric lenses; ideal for high-speed linescan measurement applications.

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Optical Assemblies

TCCQX Series

High resolution telecentric assembly with coaxial illumination

Opto_TCCXQ Pic


TCCXQ optical assemblies integrate the high optical performances of TC telecentric lenses and the LTCLHP series ability to provide accurate and reliable illumination

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Telecentric optical benches for easy measurements

TCBench picture

TCBENCH series are complete certified optical systems designed for hassle-free development of demanding measurement applications.
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TCBENCH CORE Systems Deliver the Same Optical Performances as our TCBENCH Systems in a Very Reduced Space


TCBENCH CORE  complete optical systems offering superior performances needed for highly demanding measurement applications in a super compact assembly.

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