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Opto Engineering TC12M Series

Telecentric lenses for sensors up to APS-H and 4k line scan cameras

TC12M high resolution telecentric lenses designed for detectors with up to 33.5mm image circle. They perfectly fit cameras with large sensors, up to APS-H sensor format.

TC12M series lenses feature a compact and robust design that makes them ideal for various industrial applications.


  • Wide image circle suitable for sensors up to APS-H
  • Excellent resolution and low distortion
  • Simple and robust design for industrial environments
  • Detailed test report with certified optical parameters

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Title Click to Download PDF
2021 OPTO Engineering Product Catalog PDF
Telecentric Lens Tutorial : Basic Information and Principles PDF
Telecentric Lens Applications PDF
TC12M Series Parts List PDF

Order TC12M Series

Part Number Magnification Working Distance Mount PDF
TC12M016-F 1.825 42.3 F PDF
TC12M016-J 1.825 42.3 M42 PDF
TC12M024-F 1.208 66.7 F PDF
TC12M024-J 1.208 66.7 M42 PDF
TC12M036-F 0.838 101.9 F PDF
TC12M036-J 0.838 101.9 M42 PDF
TC12M048-F 0.635 131.1 F PDF
TC12M048-J 0.635 131.1 M42 PDF
TC12M056-F 0.531 136.5 F PDF
TC12M056-J 0.531 136.5 M42 PDF
TC12M064-F 0.465 157.6 F PDF
TC12M064-J 0.465 157.6 M42 PDF
TC12M080-F 0.376 199.0 F PDF
TC12M080-J 0.376 199.0 M42 PDF
TC12M096-F 0.306 256 F PDF
TC12M096-J 0.306 256 M42 PDF
TC12M120-F 0.233 303.9 F PDF
TC12M120-J 0.233 303.9 M42 PDF
TC12M144-F 0.196 358.5 F PDF
TC12M144-J 0.196 358.5 M42 PDF
TC12M192-F 0.144 475.9 F PDF
TC12M192-J 0.144 475.9 M42 PDF
TC12M 240-F 0.115 542.8 F PDF
TC12M240-J 0.115 542.8 M42 PDF
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