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Opto Engineering TC2MHR and TC4MHR Core Series

Ultra Compact High Resolution Telecentric Lenses for Sensors Up to 4/3″

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TC2MHR and TC4MHR CORE series lenses deliver excellent optical performances in a super compact shape. Thanks to the unique opto-mechanical design, these lenses offer very high resolution, nearly zero distortion and high field depth while saving up to 70% in length compared to similar FOV lenses on the market.

TC2MHR CORE and TC4MHR CORE lenses ensure hassle-free integration in a measurement system. The rear phase adjustment allows the user to easily align the camera sensor to the sample.

These lenses can be mounted in several orientations thanks to the M6 threads located on multiple sides, even without clamps.For maximum flexibility, a special front mounting clamp is also available.


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  • Excellent optical performances
    TC2MHR – TC4MHR CORE telecentric lenses deliver excellent optical performances as other comparable Opto Engineering telecentric lenses.
  • Extremely compact
    TC2MHR – TC4MHR CORE lenses are up to 70% smaller than other telecentric lenses on the market.
  • Designed for flexibility and smart integration
    TC2MHR – TC4MHR CORE lenses integrate a camera phase adjustment and can be mounted on multiple sides with or without clamps, allowing to cut the costs.
  • Save you money
    Systems integrating TC2MHR – TC4MHR CORE lenses take much less space,resulting in lower manufacturing, shipping and storage costs.
  • Boost your sales
    A smaller vision system or measurement machine is the solution preferred by the industry.


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Title Click to Download PDF
2019 Opto Engineering Product Catalog PDF
Telecentric Lens Tutorial : Basic Information and Principles PDF
Telecentric Lens Applications PDF
Telecentric Sensor Chart PDF
TC Series Catalog PDF PDF


 These product images were taken with a telecentric lens (Click pic to enlarge)
 blister_pack_pills  engine_shaft pic  cu_circuit_board pic
 Blister Pill Pack Engine Shaft Circuit Board


Part Number Magnification Image Circle
Focal Length Mount PDF
TCCR2M048-C 0.268 16.9 16 C PDF
TCCR2M048-E 0.268 16.9 16 M42x1 PDF
TCCR2M056-C 0.228 16.8 16 C PDF
TCCR2M056-E 0.228 16.8 16 M42x1 PDF
TCCR2M064-C 0.2 16.8 16 C PDF
TCCR2M064-E 0.2 16.8 16 M42x1 PDF
TCCR2M080-C 0.16 16.9 16 C PDF
TCCR2M080-E 0.16 16.9 16 M42x1 PDF
TCCR2M096-C 0.137 16.9 16 C PDF
TCCR2M096-E 0.137 16.9 16 M42x1 PDF
TCCR4M048-C 0.369 21.7 16 C PDF
TCCR4M048-F 0.369 21.7 16 F PDF
TCCR4M048-E 0.369 21.7 16 M42 PDF
TCCR4M056-C 0.314 21.6 16 C PDF
TCCR4M056-F 0.314 21.6 16 F PDF
TCCR4M056-E 0.314 21.6 16 M42 PDF
TCCR4M064-C 0.275 21.6 16 C PDF
TCCR4M064-F 0.275 21.6 16 F PDF
TCCR4M064-E 0.275 21.6 16 M42 PDF
TCCR4M080-C 0.221 21.7 16 C PDF
TCCR4M080-F 0.221 21.7 16 F PDF
TCCR4M080-E 0.221 21.7 16 M42 PDF
TCCR4M096-C 0.186 21.6 16 C PDF
TCCR4M096-F 0.186 21.6 16 F PDF
TCCR4M096-E 0.186 21.6 16 M42 PDF
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