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Opto Engineering TCCX2M Series

Coaxial telecentric lenses for sensors up to 1”

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Title Click to Download PDF
2021 OPTO Engineering Product Catalog PDF
Telecentric Lens Tutorial : Basic Information and Principles PDF
Telecentric Lens Applications PDF
TCCX2M Parts List PDF


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Part Number Magnification Working Distance Mount PDF
RT-MP-4F-65 4 65. C PDF
RT-MP-2F-65 2 65. C PDF
RT-MP-1.5F-65 1.5 65. C PDF
RT-MP-1F-65 1 65.5 C PDF
RT-TCL0750-FU 0.75 60.7 C PDF
RT-TCL0600-FU 0.60 78.5 C PDF
RT-TCL0450-FU 0.45 108.2 C PDF
RT-TCL0300-FU 0.3 167.0 C PDF
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