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Opto Engineering TCDP Plus Series

Dual magnification telecentric lenses


TCDP PLUS series are dual magnification telecentric lenses supporting two cameras to measure objects with different magnifications. They are the perfect choice for measuring components of different sizes but also for applications where an entire sample and some of its smaller features have to be measured with the same accuracy. The fixed design of these lenses ensures perfect repeatability with no need to recalibrate after each magnification change.

TCDP PLUS lenses help cut the cost of your vision system: you only need to integrate one lens, one illuminator and one mount.

TCDP PLUS lenses are compatible with CMHO clamping mechanics and LTCLHP collimated illuminators, as well as LTRN ring illuminators designed for the standard TC series.


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    • Perfect measurement accuracy
      • TCDP PLUS telecentric lenses produce two images at different magnifications to cover an extended range of your product dimensions with the same accuracy.
      • Revolutionary flexibility
      • 300 possible combinations allow to personalize and order the TCDP PLUS lens fitting YOUR needs: check Tech info section
      • Smart cost reduction
      • Solving two vision tasks with one lens involves less components and lowers the vision system cost.
      • Off-the-shelf lenses tailored for your needs
      • Get a standard product customized for your application with no price or lead time increase.

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Title Click to Download PDF
2021 Opto Engineering Product Catalog PDF
Telecentric Lens Tutorial : Basic Information and Principles PDF
Telecentric Lens Applications PDF
Telecentric Sensor Chart PDF
TCDP Part List PDF



TCDP PLUS revolutionary design can easily meet any of your application needs: 300 possible combinations allow to create the perfect lens for you, also benefiting from the price and lead time of off-the-shelf components.


TCDP PLUS lenses come in 5 different sizes and can be configured with 2 different eyepieces out of the 7 available. They are compatible with several different camera sensors from 1/3” to 4/3” and are available with C-, F- or M42x1 (FD 16mm) camera mounts.


In the tables below you’ll find a wide range of TCDP PLUS lenses. On our website you’ll find a simple tool that allows you to create and order your own TCDP PLUS lens based on your camera sensor and desired fields of view.


Here you’ll find a simple tool that allows you to create and order your own TCDP PLUS lens basing on your camera sensor and desired fields of view.

Built-in phase adjustment allows to easily align the camera sensor.

L= length of the lens from the front end to its straight ocular (low magnification path).

H1=distance from the end of the right angled ocular (high magnification path) to the middle of the lens (axis 1) .

D= lens diameter



Order TCDP with liquid lenses technology

Mag. Max. Sensor Size Mount WD PDF
TCDP 2MF 4MF 096 0.137-0.186 1″ , 4/3″ F 342 PDF
TCDP 23C 4XC 096 0.093, 0.374 2/3″ C 338 PDF
TCDP 23C 4MC096 0.093, 0.186 2/3″, 4/3″ C 338 PDF
TCDP 12C 23C 096 0.068, 0.093 1/2″, 2/3″ C 318 PDF
TCDP 2MF 4MF 120 0.104, 0.143 1″, 4/3″ F 427 PDF
TCDP 23C 4XC 120 0.072, 0.286 2/3″ C 423 PDF
TCDP 23C 4MC 120 0.072, 0.143 2/3″, 4/3″ C 423 PDF
TCDP 12C 23C 120 0.052, 0.072 1/2″, 2/3″ C 404 PDF
TCDP 2MF 4MF 144 0.089, 0.122 1″, 4/3″ F 487 PDF
TCDP 23C 4XC 144 0.061, 0.244 2/3″ C 483 PDF
TCDP 23C 4MC 144 0.061, 0.122 2/3″, 4/3″ C 483 PDF
TCDP 12C 23C 144 0.044, 0.061 1/2″, 2/3″ C 463 PDF
TCDP2MF 4MF 192 0.067, 0.092 1″, 4/3″ F 627 PDF
TCDP 23C 4XC 192 0.046, 0.183 2/3″ C 623 PDF
TCDP 23C 4MC 192 0.046, 0.092 2/3″,4/3″ C 623 PDF
TCDP 12C 23C 192 0.033, 0.046 1/2″, 2/3″ C 604 PDF
TCDP2MF 4MF 240 0.053, 0.073 1″, 4/3″ F 789 PDF
TCDP23C 4XC240 0.037,0.147 2/3″ C 785 PDF
TCDP23C 4MC 240 0.037, 0.073 2/3″, 4/3″ C 785 PDF
TCDP23C2MC240 0.037, 0.053 2/3″,1″ C 785 PDF
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