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Opto Engineering TCEDGEVIS Series

Telecentric system for defect detection on flat transparent materials


TCEDGEVIS telecentric optical systems provide a truly revolutionary approach to the inspection of flat transparent materials.

The special optical design ensures that only the light rays deflected by an object’s edge are imaged on the sensor: edges are automatically extracted without the need of software algorithms. This technique allows the detection of extremely tiny defects, particles and surface discontinuities that would be impossible to see with traditional lens systems. This approach is also suitable for OCR/OCV applications on clear glass, plastic films etc.

TCEDGEVIS telecentric optical systems include an EDGE telecentric lens, EDGE telecentric illuminator and mounting mechanics and are supplied as fully tested and pre-aligned optical benches.



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    • Revolutionary design
      Innovative solution to inspect flat transparent surfaces (clear glass, plastic films) and for OCR/OCV applications.
    • Extreme contrast
    • Even the smallest defects can be seen
    • Supplied as a ready-to-use optical bench

Learn about telecentric lenses


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2021 Opto Engineering Product Catalog PDF
Telecentric Lens Tutorial : Basic Information and Principles PDF
Telecentric Lens Applications PDF
Telecentric Sensor Chart PDF


Order TCEDGEVIS Series

Mag. Max. Sensor Size Mount WD PDF
TCEV 23 036-G 0.243 2/3″ C 102.5 PDF
TCEV 23 048-G 0.184 2/3″ C 132.9 PDF
TCEV 23 056-G 0.157 2/3″ C 157.8 PDF
TCEV 23 064-G 0.138 2/3″ C 181.8 PDF
TCEV 23 080-G 0.110 2/3″ C 226.7 PDF
TCEV 23 096-G 0.093 2/3″ C 278.6 PDF
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