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Opto Engineering TCEL Series

Telecentric optics with liquid lenses technology


TCEL series by Opto Engineering® features a perfect combination of telecentric optics and liquid lenses technology allowing to significantly increase the depth of field (DOF). This is particularly important for small fields of view due to the proportionality of the DOF with the magnification.

Thanks to their optical design, TCEL lenses ensure excellent optical performances both in terms of telecentricity and especially distortion throughout the entire operating range. This makes them a perfect choice for many inspection and measurement applications spanning from electronic and semicon segments to the automotive one, from pharmaceutical to fasteners.

The electronically controlled liquid lenses enable to precisely tune the optical power of telecentric lenses adjusting the focus: this adjustment can be extremely fast with response times in the order of few milliseconds. The driver comes as a compact USB-powered current source with free software and can be used as a stand-alone solution or integrated into OEM designs. Communication follows an open simple serial protocol, which can be implemented in any programming language on Windows or Linux (C#, Labview and Python source code available).


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    • Extended depth of field
    • Thanks to the integration of liquid lenses it is possible to significantly extend the DOF of telecentric optics
    • Excellent optical performances
    • The optical design of the lenses allows to obtain very low distortion and superior optical performances
    • Precise and quick autofocus
    • Electronically driven liquid lenses allow for extremely fast and precise changes of focus
    • Detailed test report with measured optical parameters

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Title Click to Download PDF
2021 Opto Engineering Product Catalog PDF
Telecentric Lens Tutorial : Basic Information and Principles PDF
Telecentric Lens Applications PDF
TC4K Focusing Instructions PDF
Telecentric Sensor Chart PDF
TCEL Series  Parts List PDF



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Order TCEL with liquid lenses technology

Mag. Max. Sensor Size Mount WD PDF
TCEL23036 (a) 0.243 2/3″ C 73.3 – 122.8 PDF
TCEL050 0.500 2/3″ C 112.2 – 146.5 PDF
TCEL066 0.670 2/3″ C 112.3 – 146.0 PDF
TCEL075 0.750 2/3″ C 112.5 – 146.0 PDF
TCEL100 1.000 2/3″ C 117.9 – 142.1 PDF
TCEL150 1.500 2/3″ C 17.9 – 142.1 PDF
TCEL250 2.500 2/3″ C 117.8 – 142.2 PDF
TCEL350 3.500 2/3″ C 117.8 – 142.2 PDF
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