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Opto Engineering TCZRS

Bi-telecentric zoom lenses with motorized control



TCZR series is a leading edge optical solution for imaging and measurement applications requiring both the flexibility of zoom lenses and the accuracy of fixed optics.

An upgraded version of TCZR lenses, the newly designed TCZRS lenses feature an extremely precise positioning system with a bipolar stepper motor and an incremental magnetic encoder, delivering exceptional magnification repeatability. Moreover, focusing and image centring stability are guaranteed at every magnification position, thus avoiding recalibration at any given time.

Four different magnifications, featuring a total zoom range of 8x, can be selected through a dedicated remote control software.

Bi-telecentricity, high resolution and low distortion make these zoom lenses able to perform the same measurement tasks as classic telecentric lenses.


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    • Perfect magnification constancy and parfocality
      No need to re-calibrate or refocus after zooming thanks to an extremely precise positioning system
    • Bi-telecentricity
      For very accurate measurement
    • Excellent image centre stability
      Image centring is maintained at every magnification
    • Full motorization control
      Zoom magnification is set via software
    • Fast and silent operations
      Max 2 seconds to softly switch from one mag to another

Learn about telecentric lenses


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Order TCZRS with liquid lenses technology

Mag. Max. Sensor Size Mount WD PDF
TCZR 036S Various 2/3″ C 74.0 PDF
TCZR 072S Various 2/3″ C 157.8 PDF
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