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Electrical Repeaters, Splitters, Mux

cameraLink-logoThe high quality, user-friendly electrical solutions by Phrontier Technologies are designed to not only extend Camera Link cable length, but also to split image data from a single camera to multiple frame grabbers. See below, our CLEVER-SW offers flexible connections between 2 cameras and 2 frame grabbers, as well as a range of other features.


Phrontier Technologies Products

PHANTA Image Splitter for Camera Link FullCLEVER Image Splitter, Repeater, & MuxPHLY Mini Camera Link Repeater

PHANTA Image Splitter for Camera Link Full

PHANTA distributes images from 1 FULL camera to as many as 4 framegrabbers, up to 85Mhz. It supports Camera Link Full (10x8bit and 8x8bit), Medium, and Base configurations, and comes with a standard 1U 19″ chassis for easy mounting. PHANTA is easy to use, with no programming required.

Our PHANTA multiplexers are compatible with every Camera Link configuration and are capable of connecting any Camera Link configuration camera to maximum 8 framegrabbers. PHANTA is ideal when captured images need to be distributed to multiple framegrabbers synchronously. Applications include intensive parallel image processing, image monitoring, and real-time image analysis. All PHANTA models support a maximum pixel clock rate of 85 MHz, and all image data are transmitted to relevant framegrabbers synchronously and identically.


Key FeaturescameraLink-logo

  • Compatible with Camera Link Base, Medium, and Full configurations
  • User-elected master frame grabber
  • Independently control image data path, control signal path, and SerCom path for maximum signal routing flexibility
  • Independently shut off unused output ports to avoid signal glitch to framegrabbers
  • Reconditioned/synchronized output
  • Standard 1U 19″ chassis for easy mounting
  • Optional DC output power for cameras
  • Clear, easy-to-read LEDs indicate operation status
  • Wide range 10V~24V DC power supply
  • Seamlessly compatible with our PHOX, PHIRE and PHAST fiber extenders for extra distance

PHANTA Setup Diagram


PHANTA – Camera Link Repeater and Splitter for base/medium/full

Series Part Number Description Datasheet
PHANTA PHANTA-S1F4 Connects 1 full/medium/base camera to 4 frame grabbers, 20~85MHz PDF

CLEVER Image Splitter, Repeater, & Mux

This multifunctional unit is the electrical solution to extend cable length, split images, and multiplex. CLEVER supports Camera Link Base and Medium configurations at high speeds up to 85MHz. The user may control the unit via either the RS232 port or DIP switch on front panel.

CLEVER is one of our most adaptable devices, with a model available for each Camera Link configuration. Our most versatile CLEVER models can perform at least three different functions, ranging from image repeater, splitter, multiplexer, or 2×2 switch. The 2×2 switch configuration echoes the functions of a multiplexer, in that it connects two Camera Link cameras to two framegrabbers. This switch capability is unique to our CLEVER product line. CLEVER connects to any camera or framegrabber via Camera Link cables, with every model encased in our signature gold, rack-mountable housing ideal for challenging or harsh applications.



Key Features

CLEVER-XX (Base Format)
CLEVER-M (Medium Format)
CLEVER-F (Full Format)

  • Camera Link Splitter: Split images from 1 camera to 2 framegrabbers
  • Camera Link 2×2 Switch: Connect and switch between 2 Camera Link cameras and 2 framegrabbers
  • Camera Link Multiplexer: Split images from 2 cameras to 1 framegrabber
  • Camera Link Repeater: Extend Camera Link connections for Dual Base and Medium configurations
  • Synchronously control 2 cameras from 1 framegrabber
  • Cascade to support multiple framegrabbers
  • Convenient RS232 port and DIP switch for easier control
  • International power supply
Functionalities Model
Base CL 2×2 Switch
Base CL Multiplexer
Base CL Splitter/ Repeater
Dual Base CL Repeater
Dual Base CL Splitter
Medium CL Repeater
Medium CL Splitter
Full CL Splitter/Repeater

Clever-F – Camera Link Full Splitter and Repeater

Series Part Number Description Datasheet
CLEVER CLEVER-F Camera Link FULL splitter, 1 camera to 2 frame grabbers, up to 85MHz. Also use as base, medium, full repeater PDF

PHLY Mini Camera Link Repeater

Featuring a Mini Camera Link repeater in a slim metallic case, PHLY transmits high speed data up to 85 MHz with zero data loss. Our state-of-the art design allows users to easily upgrade their system from Base to Full configurations with minimal disturbance. PHLY’s PoCL capability allows modules to be cascaded for increased link distance. PHLY is the industry’s preferred Camera Link repeater for space-saving and cost-sensitive applications



Key FeaturescameraLink-logo

  • Fully supports Camera Link cameras and framegrabbers up to 85 MHz pixel clock
  • Plug-and-Play: no programming required
  • Modules can be cascaded to increase link distance and share the same power source
  • Single 5V~24V DC power supply
  • PoCL pass-through function allows PoCL-compatible cameras to withdraw power from framegrabbers while PHLY power is supplied by its own DC input
  • PoCL sharing function allows PoCL-compatible cameras and PHLY to share power from framegrabbers
  • PoCL-enabled function allows PHLY to withdraw power from framegrabber even when camera is not PoCL compatible
  • Optional power supply to camera when frame grabber does not have PoCL function

PHLY Setup Diagram

PHLY – Camera Link Repeater for base/medium/full

When ordering, replace the “x” at the end of PHLY’s part number with the most appropriate option from below
• blank: Standard with PoCL pass-through and PoCL sharing function (Example: PHLY-B)
• E: PoCL-enabled function for PoCL frame grabber and non-PoCL camera (Example: PHLY-BE)
• P: PHLY supply power to camera with non-PoCL frame grabber (Example: PHLY-BP)

Series Part Number Description Datasheet
PHLY PHLY-Bx Camera Link repeater, base, 24 bit, up to 85MHz, standard with PoCL pass-through and PoCL sharing, no power supply PDF
PHLY PHLY-Fx Camera Link repeater, FULL, 8x8bit, 10x8bit, up to 85MHz, standard with PoCL pass-through and PoCL sharing. Including PHLY-B and PHLY-U modules, no power supply PDF
 PHLY  PHLY-Ux  Upgrade module for use with PHLY-B to support FULL configuration, standard with PoCL passthrough and PoCL sharing. Including PHLY-B and PHLY-U modules, no power supply PDF
 PHLY  PHLY-W  Optional mounting flange kit, including 2 flanges PDF
 PHLY  618-TRG10R-MUSB-1  Power supply for PHLY-Bx, wall mount AC/DC adapter with single micro-USB plug PDF
 PHLY  618-TR12-MUSB-2  Power supply for PHLY-Fx, wall mount AC/DC adapter and Y-split cable assembly with
dual micro-USB plugs


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