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PHANTA  Camera Link Repeater and  Splitter for Base/Medium/Full




PHANTA-S1F4   Camera Link Repeater and Splitter, Connects 1 full/medium/base camera to 4 frame grabbers, 20~85MHz

cameraLink-logoOur PHANTA multiplexers are compatible with every Camera Link configuration and are capable of connecting any Camera Link configuration camera to maximum 8 framegrabbers. PHANTA is ideal when captured images need to be distributed to multiple framegrabbers synchronously. Applications include intensive parallel image processing, image monitoring, and real-time image analysis. All PHANTA models support a maximum pixel clock rate of 85 MHz, and all image data are transmitted to relevant framegrabbers synchronously and identically.

PHANTA-S1F4 Technical Specifications

PHANTA Technical Spec S1F4


System Diagram



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  • Compatible with Camera Link Base, Medium, and Full configurations
  • User-elected master frame grabber
  • Independently control image data path, control signal path, and SerCom path for maximum signal routing flexibility
  • Independently shut off unused output ports to avoid signal glitch to framegrabbers
  • Reconditioned/synchronized output
  • Standard 1U 19″ chassis for easy mounting
  • Optional DC output power for cameras
  • Clear, easy-to-read LEDs indicate operation status
  • Wide range 10V~24V DC power supply
  • Seamlessly compatible with our PHOX, PHIRE and PHAST fiber extenders for extra distance

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