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PHAST  Camera Link Fiber Adapter




PHF-66-M025   Compact Camera Fiber Link adaptor, base, 10 taps X 8 bits, up to 24-66MHz, 850nm, Up to 250 meter

cameraLink-logoThis compact set of Camera Link fiber adapters differs from our PHIRE series in that PHAST supports Camera Link Full (8×8-bit) and Extended Full (10×8-bit) configurations, and thus are the only choice for Full and Extended Full applications that are space-conscious. They plug directly into any Camera Link camera and framegrabber, extending image transmission distance up to 250 meters via LC duplex fiber cables. Our PHAST fiber adapters boast a pixel clock range up to 85MHz, and PoCL capability for Base configuration. When paired with “ruggedized” cables, this series is ideal for challenging applications, tight spaces, and harsh environments.

PHF-66-M025 Technical Specifications

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System Diagram

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  • Offers 670 MB/s bandwidth
  • Plugs directly into cameras and framegrabbers without any Camera Link cables, saving both space and cost
  • Supports Camera Link Base, Medium, and Full configurations
  • Supports PoCL for Base configuration
  • Sends high-speed, real-time image data up to 250 meters over LC duplex fiber cables
  • Single 5~24 VDC power supply
  • OEM solutions available


  • Solar panel or glass panel inspection
  • Semiconductor wafer inspection
  • High speed printing inspection
  • High precision surface inspection (e.g. airplane
    surface or automobile painting)
  • Automated product inspection (e.g. food, drinking or
    pharmaceutical products)
  • High resolution and real-time analysis for science,
    sports, automobile tests, and 3-D animation.
  • High precision security surveillance (e.g. border
    control, airport)
  • Traffic surveillance/control and vehicle license plate
    reading/recording (e.g. toll booth)
  • Cameras placed in harsh environment (e.g. nuclear
    plant, steel mill or undersea monitoring)
  • Other Machine Vision Applications

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