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PHIRE Compact Camera Link Adapter




PHR-68-M025 Compact Camera Link adaptor, 24 bits, up to 68MHz, MM duplex LC, <250m

cameraLink-logoOur compact fiber optic adapter plugs directly into any base configuration Camera Link camera or framegrabber, and transmits data as far as 80 km with true, transparent communication up to 85 MHz pixel clock. PHIRE is also compatible with Power Over Camera Link (PoCL). Our adapters are available in LC or SC, 1-fiber or 2-fiber versions, as well as in CWDM wavelengths.

PHIRE Technical Specifications

PHIRE Specs Chart phrontier technologies


System Diagram

PHIRE set up diagram


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  • Fully supports Camera Link cameras/frame grabbers
  • Direct plug – no electrical cable needed
  • Broad bandwidth – up to 2.5 Gb/s supporting 24 bits image data at 85 MHz pixel clock
  • Transparent operation – plug and play with no changes required for camera and/or frame grabber
  • Standard LC duplex fiber interface
  • Exchangeable optical module – easy to upgrade
  • Transmission distance – Up to 10 km (standard) 80 km available
  • Available 19 CWDM wavelengths
  • Available with-40~85C industrial grade components
  • Compact Size – 59L x 39.4W X17H mm ( 2.326L X1.551W X0.669H inch)


  • Solar panel or glass panel inspection
  • Semiconductor wafer inspection
  • High speed printing inspection
  • High precision surface inspection (e.g. airplane
    surface or automobile painting)
  • Automated product inspection (e.g. food, drinking or
    pharmaceutical products)
  • High resolution and real-time analysis for science,
    sports, automobile tests, and 3-D animation.
  • High precision security surveillance (e.g. border
    control, airport)
  • Traffic surveillance/control and vehicle license plate
    reading/recording (e.g. toll booth)
  • Cameras placed in harsh environment (e.g. nuclear
    plant, steel mill or undersea monitoring)
  • Other Machine Vision Applications

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