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PHLY Series 618-TRG10R-MUSB-1

Power supply for PHLY-Bx Mini Camera Link Repeater 618-TRG10R-MUSB-1




 618-TRG10R-MUSB-1  Power supply for PHLY-Bx, wall mount AC/DC adapter with single micro-USB plug

cameraLink-logoFeaturing a Mini Camera Link repeater in a slim metallic case, PHLY transmits high speed data up to 85 MHz with zero data loss. Our state-of-the art design allows users to easily upgrade their system from Base to Full configurations with minimal disturbance. PHLY’s PoCL capability allows modules to be cascaded for increased link distance. PHLY is the industry’s preferred Camera Link repeater for space-saving and cost-sensitive applications.

618-TRG10R-MUSB-1 Technical Specifications

PHLY BX Fx Technical Specs chart


System Diagram

PHLY Diagram Setup


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  • Fully supports Camera Link cameras and framegrabbers up to 85 MHz pixel clock
  • Plug-and-Play: no programming required
  • Modules can be cascaded to increase link distance and share the same power source
  • Single 5V~24V DC power supply
  • PoCL pass-through function allows PoCL-compatible cameras to withdraw power from framegrabbers while PHLY power is supplied by its own DC input
  • PoCL sharing function allows PoCL-compatible cameras and PHLY to share power from framegrabbers
  • PoCL-enabled function allows PHLY to withdraw power from framegrabber even when camera is not PoCL compatible
  • Optional power supply to camera when frame grabber does not have PoCL function

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