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PHORCE  Fiber Extender PHP-M




 PHP-M USB3.0 fiber extender, LC duplex, MM, up to 150 meter, including 1x PHP-PC-M PCIe card, 1x PHP-RE-M module, 1x 15W AC/DC adapter with 5V DC outpuT

cameraLink-logoThe PHORCE family was designed to extend SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connections beyond the typical 3 meter reach limit of copper cables. To better serve our customers, we have designed two distinct product lines — a PCIe fiber extender and a standalone fiber extender — that together provide a range of solutions to meet any application. Our USB 3.0 fiber extenders can be used in any USB 3.0 Vision application, including general USB data transmission, broadcasting, and animation.

PHP-M Technical Specifications



System Diagram

PHORCE_PHP-M_Set Up Diagram


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  • Supports the following USB data rate:
  • Super-Speed 5Gb/s
    High -Speed 480Mb/s
    Full -Speed 12Mb/s
    Low  -Speed 1.5Mb/s
  • Up to 150 meter over OM2 MM duplex fiber cable
  • Up to 100 meter over OM2 MM simplex fiber cable
  • Available for longer distance with single mode fiber
  • Secure power connector with locking mechanism
  • Low power consumption <1.75W
  • Secure power connector with locking mechanism
  • Provide optical isolation
  • Compact size


  • Solar panel or glass panel inspection
  • Semiconductor wafer inspection
  • High speed printing inspection
  • Precision surface inspection
  • High resolution and intelligent security surveillance
  • Intelligent traffic control and license plate reading
  • High resolution images and real-time analysis for science, sports and automobile tests
  • Remote data storage systems

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