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PHOX Dual Base Camera Link Fiber Extender



PHOX-B2M-250  Camera Link-dual base, 24 bits, 66MHz, 2xMM duplex LC, up to 250m

cameraLink-logoOne of our top selling models, our PHOX Camera Link fiber extender has a model for every Camera Link configuration. Our PHOX for Base and Medium configurations transmits 2 Gb/s transport bandwidth at 66 MHz pixel clock. One of our most powerful products, the PHOX for Full configurations can reach transport speeds of 100 MHz (85 MHz standard), the fastest in the industry. With zero data loss and transparent transport, PHOX overcomes the 10 meter limit of copper Camera Link cables, and instead extends camera signals as far as 50 km. PHOX is one of our most versatile Camera Link fiber optic solutions, with superior bandwidth flexibility and optional GPIO and RS232 ports.

PHOX Technical Specifications

System Diagram


system flexibility phox b2m

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  • Fully supports two unsynchronized base Camera LinkTM cameras/frame grabbers
  • Provides 4Gb/s transport bandwidth – 24b/pixel and pixel clock rate up to 66MHz for each camera (85MHz optional)
  • Zero loss and transparent transport – no changes required for camera and/or frame grabber
  • Two LC duplex fiber interface
  • 8 opto-isolated GPIO channels (4 inputs and 4 outputs) for external trigger and control
  • Two full duplex RS232 for remote instrument control
  • Single 5V~24V DC power supply
  • Locking AC/DC power adapter
  • Transmission distance depending on your choice of fiber:
    • Multi-mode fiber – up to 250m
    • Single-mode fiber – up to 50km


  • High precision security surveillance (e.g. border control, airport)
  • Bar code reading and sorting (e.g. postal center, packaging)
  • Vehicle license plate reading/recording (e.g. toll booth)
  • Product inspection (e.g. automated production line)
  • Port/Harbor cargo container management
  • Railroad measurement/inspection
  • Traffic surveillance/control
  • Cameras placed in harsh environment (e.g. nuclear plant)
  • Long haul image transmissions (e.g. bridge inspection)
  • Other Machine Vision Applications


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