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Phrontier Technologies Adapters, Extenders, Repeaters, Splitters & More

Camera Link, Fiber, and USB3.0 Connectivity Solutions

Phrontier Technologies specializes in high-speed, high-resolution connectivity solutions,  and offers reliable Camera Link, USB3.0, and CoaXPress devices and cables for Machine Vision and professional audio/video equipment. All Phrontier products are designed by our experienced engineering team and manufactured in accordance with our strict, high quality standards. We offer a wide variety of Camera Link repeaters, Camera Link fiber optic extenders, fiber adapters, Camera Link splitters and switches.


Phrontier Technologies Products

Camera Link Electrical Repeater, Splitter, & Mux





Camera Link repeaters for both standard and mini Camera Link connector sizes. We also offer our unique 2×2 switch where the user connects 2 cameras to 2 frame grabbers and the user can determine which image goes where; therefore, the switch can also function as a repeater or splitter. If you need to split, PHANTA line consists of multiplexers and splitters, where multiple cameras (2+) are connected to 1 frame grabber.

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USB 3.0 Fiber Extenders




standalone usb3.0 fiber extender

Available in Standalone Extender and PCIe Extender. Both extenders have a model for a range of fiber types and both support 5Gb/s data rate. The Standalone Extender plugs directly into any application and extends USB 3.0 connections as far as 300 meters. It can provide USB bus power to USB devices and does not require any drivers. The PCIe Fiber Extender can extend up to 1km over singlemode simplex fiber.

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Phrontier Technologies Distributor

Uniforce Sales and Engineering is an authorized distributor of Phrontier products.




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