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Ring Lights – Dark Field

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Available in Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, IR, White lighting

Dark Field Lights provide illumination that is projected at a shallow angle to the imaging surface, 45 degrees or less.  Typical applications include reflective flat surface defect or edge detection, where the majority of the light may reflect away from the camera on the flat, featureless surface but defects may scatter the light to the camera, creating feature appropriate contrast.  Dark Field Lights can be dedicated ring lights, or any general bar or spot light oriented at low angles of incidence, depending on defect orientation.  Very low angle dark field ring lights must be deployed at close working distances to be effective



Ring Lights – Dark Field Models

Model Description Color Size (Inner/L) (mm) Size (Outer/W) (mm)
  • Provides stable, diffuse, and even light source
  • Used to evenly illuminate a variety of surfaces for color or defect detection
  • Available in four sizes: 50mm, 115mm, 180mm, and 280mm
Blue (455), Green (530), Red (625), White, (WHI), RGB 18-241  50-280

See Datasheet

  • Lensed low-angle diffused illumination
  • Used to detect surface defects and edges on a variety of surfaces
  • Available in four sizes: 50, 100, 180, and 280mm
Blue (455), Green (530), Red (625), RGB (All Color) White, (WHI) 31 -254 49 – 280

See Datasheet

  • characterized as a Small Low Angle Dark Field ring light.
  • Perfect for imaging problems limited to a small field of view.
  • Available in a range of wavelengths from UV to IR
Red (625), Red (625), Red (660), IR (880),

UV (395), Blue (470), Green (520), White

See Datasheet See Datasheet
  • Large Low Angle Dark Field
  • Precisely aimed LEDs provide a very low angle of incidence, radial illumination pattern.
  • DF242 is perfect for imaging problems with medium sized fields of view.
  • A 35mm field of view is standard with optional fields of view of 45 and 70mm.
Blue (470), Green (520), IR (880), Red (625), Red (660), UV (395), White (WHI) See Datasheet See Datasheet
  • Dual Functionality – bright field and dark field illumination in a compact housing
  • Bright Field and Dark Field can be used independently
UV (395), Blue (470), Green (520), Red (625), Red (660), IR  (880), White, (WHI) 55.5 100

See Datasheet

  • Low angle illumination in a compact 100mm (3.94”) housing
  • Solves a wide array of imaging problems where low angle of incidence and radial illumination is required
UV (395), Blue (470), Green (520), Red (625), IR  (880), White, (WHI) 55.5 100

See Datasheet

  • Exceptional lighting for inspecting specular surfaces
  • Produces classic dark field illumination
UV (395), Blue (470), Green (520), Red (625), IR  (880), White, (WHI) 55.5 126.5

See Datasheet


The RL2115 is characterized as a Compact Aimed Dark Field ring light.

Precisely aimed LEDs provide a specific and repeatable light pattern on the imaging plane.

625 Red, 660 Red, 880 IR,395 UV,
470 Blue, 520 Green, WHite
See Datasheet See Datasheet

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