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Schneider Industrial Machine Vision Lenses

High Resolution V-Mount System Lenses

Industrial Macro Componon Lenses

The optical components of Schneider’s megapixel, enlarging lenses are inserted into a compact and robust diaphragm body, which makes it possible to adjust and to lock the aperture and to use accessories such as filters. Because the interface is identical on both sides, the lenses can be reversed for magnifying images.

Designed for use with line scan cameras up to 8K pixels and with most area array sensors, these lenses provide maximum application flexibility. Extra-large image circle up to 141mm and with very low distortion, these lenses provide excellent imagery. When combined with our wide assortment of focus mounts, these lenses cover magnifications ranging from 0.5X to 30X, with some working well out to infinity. A lens system is composed of a focus mount, extension tubes, and adapters for your specific requirements.

Model Name Part Number Mount Sensor Size Format Focal Length (mm) PDF
MACRO COMPONON 2.8/28MM 25-014794 V 2/3″ 29.3 PDF
MACRO COMPONON 2.8/35MM 25-014792 V 2/3″ 35 PDF
MACRO APO-COMPONON 2.8/40MM 25-014798 V 43.2 mm 40 PDF
MACRO APO-COMPONON 4.0/45MM 25-014783 V 43.2 mm 45 PDF
MACRO COMPONON-S 2.8/50MM 25-014796 V 43.2 mm 50 PDF
MACRO APO-COMPONON 4.0/60MM 25-014802 V 60 mm 60 PDF
MACRO COMPONON-S 4.0/80MM 25-014780 V 80.6 mm 80 PDF
MACRO SYMMAR 5.6/80MM 25-1070160 V 141.2 mm 80 PDF
MACRO APO-COMPONON 4.5/90MM 25-1070213 V 87.8 mm 90 PDF
MACRO COMPONON-S 5.6/100MM 25-035142 V 108 mm 100 PDF

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