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Schneider Industrial Ruggedized Lenses

Ruggedized Compact C-Mount Lenses

Our standard, megapixel lenses stand up to the vibrations common in industrial environments. Their solid design and sturdy construction ensure years of reliable service.  These are lenses designed for applications where lenses are exposed to high vibration or high-G shocks or when lenses are inaccessible and simply must not fail, ruggedized lenses may be desirable.

A ruggedized lens starts as a standard lens that:

  • is completely disassembled
  • has thread-locking compound placed on all its internal threads and retaining rings
  • has its adjustable iris replaced with an application-specific fixed iris (optional)
  • is reassembled, tested, and shipped with a certificate of compliance if requested.
 Model Name  Part Number  Mount 5MP   Sensor Size Format  
Focal Length (mm)
APO-XENOPLAN 1.4/23MM COMPACT  27-1951423  Compact C-Mount Yes  2/3″  22.9 PDF
APO-XENOPLAN 1.8/35MM COMPACT 27-1951835  Compact C-Mount Yes  2/3″  35.2 PDF
 CINEGON 1.8/4.8MM COMPACT  27-1991848  Compact C-Mount  2/3″  5 PDF
 CINEGON 2.1/6MM COMPACT  27-1992106  Compact C-Mount 2/3″  6 PDF
 CINEGON 1.4/8MM COMPACT  27-1991408  Compact C-Mount 2/3″  8 PDF
CINEGON 1.4/12MM COMPACT  27-1991412  Compact C-Mount 2/3″  12 PDF
XENOPLAN 1.4/17MM COMPACT  27-1991417  Compact C-Mount 2/3″  17 PDF
XENOPLAN 1.4/23MM COMPACT  27-1991423  Compact C-Mount   2/3″  23 PDF
XENOPLAN 1.9/35MM COMPACT  27-1991935  Compact C-Mount 2/3″  35 PDF
TELE-XENAR 2.2/70MM COMPACT 27-1992270 Compact C-Mount 2/3″ 70.5 PDF
CINEGON 1.9/10MM COMPACT 27-1991910 Compact C-Mount 1″ 10.4 PDF
CINEGON 1.8/16MM COMPACT 27-1991816 Compact C-Mount 1″ 16.4 PDF
TELE-XENAR 2.2/70MM COMPACT 27-1992270 Compact C-Mount 1″ 70.5 PDF
Xenon-Topaz 2.0/30mm 27-1992030 Compact C-Mount 1.1″ 30 PDF
Xenon-Topaz 2.0/38mm 27-1992038 Compact C-Mount 1.1″ 38 PDF
Xenon-Topaz 2.0/50mm 27-1992050 Compact C-Mount 1.1″ 50 PDF
XENOPLAN 2.0/28MM COMPACT 27-1992028 Compact C-Mount 1.3″ 28 PDF
XENOPLAN 2.8/50MM COMPACT 27-1992850 Compact C-Mount 1.3″ 50 PDF
APO-XENOPLAN 2.0/20MM C-MOUNT 27-1992020 Compact C-Mount 1.3″ 20 PDF
APO-XENOPLAN 2.0/24MM COMPACT 27-1992024 Compact C-Mount 1.3″ 24 PDF
APO-XENOPLAN 2.0/35MM COMPACT 27-1992035 Compact C-Mount 1.3″ 35 PDF

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