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Schneider Industrial Telecentric Lenses

Xenoplan Bilateral Telecentric Lenses

Xenoplan Bilateral (double-sided) Telecentric lenses set a new standard for lens performance in non-contact optical metrology. Schneider’s unique Bilateral Optical Design ensures that this family of lenses is telecentric in both object and image space.

Greater dimensional accuracy than ever thought possible can now be achieved using Xenoplan Bilateral Telecentric Lenses.

The accuracy of non-contact optical metrology is affected by the telecentric rays, not only on the object side, but also on the image side of the measurement lens.

The Xenoplan Bilateral Telecentric Lenses are designed to work with 2/3 inch format, megapixel CCD cameras and have adjustable iris and focus controls. All have front filter accessory threads. The lenses all have a rotating support mount for increased system stability. There are 5 magnifications available: 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, and 1:5.

A lens mount is available that provides a ¼ x 20 tpi or four (4) M4 threaded holds to locate the lens.

Model Name Part Number Mount Sensor Size Format Focal Length (mm) PDF
Xenoplan Telecentric 1:1 21-035850 C 2/3″ 47 PDF
Xenoplan Telecentric 1:2 21-035851 C 2/3″ 195 PDF
Xenoplan Telecentric 1:3 21-035852 C 2/3″ 160 PDF
Xenoplan Telecentric 1:4 21-035853 C 2/3″ 176 PDF
Xenoplan Telecentric 1:5 21-035854 C 2/3″ 269 PDF
Telecentric Lens Clamp 21-036378  NA NA NA NA

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