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COREVIEW DVR Core Software

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COREVIEW:  Free software package for the DVR Express Core series

When you purchase your portable DVR with Removable Solid State Storage, you will also receive the free CoreView software package.

COREVIEW Features:

  • Record, play, and export your recordings
  • Live video displayed with zoom and full-screen features
  • Full control for the Core’s comprehensive signal manager
  • Support for external time-stamping (GPS, IRIG, etc)
  • Built on the optional CoreSDK
  • Upgrade to Core Premium to enable advanced features

Complimentary Software for the DVR Express Core

CoreView software is designed to provide an interface to each and every feature of the DVR Express Core. It provides an easy interface for adding multiple DVRs with seamless operation, no-matter how many cameras you choose to record from. CoreView will have you recording in no time flat, as each new camera can be added in seconds, accompanied by a simple interface for RAID setup. CoreView has been built on 20 years of DVR software experience, and boasts many new advanced recording features when using it with a Premium model in the DVR Express Core line-up.

Premium Features for a Premium Product

The main feature when using CoreView with a Premium Core, is its ability to playback and record at the same time. Expanding on this feature, CoreView allows you to export while recording, and even simulate out a 2nd camera port (on IN/OUT enabled Cores) while recording. Ask your sales representative about all of the features which get enabled when using a Premium Core model.

Timing Synchronization with COREVIEW’s Signal Manager

Complete control over the Core’s auxiliary I/O port is offered as a standard feature in CoreView. Generate signals, trigger the cameras, synch multiple Cores, and add timing from external time sources, all within CoreViews comprehensive signal manager. To make full use of Core’s aux I/O port, make sure to order your DVR Express Core with the BNC breakout cable.

Add COREVIEW’s Features to your Software Using CORESDK

The DVR Express Core devices can be easily integrated into any application using the CoreSDK. Using CoreView as an example, it’s easy to add only the DVR features that your application needs. Our full API library and sample code will ease Core’s DVR features into any application.

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