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DA 5 DEV U:   Matrox Design Assistant 5 Hardware key

Matrox Design Assistant 4 USB hardware key for design-time and run-time environments. Does NOT include Matrox Design Assistant registration number.



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Why a flowchart?

The flowchart is a universally accessible, recognized and understood method of describing the sequence of operations in a process. Manufacturing engineers and technicians in particular have all been exposed to the intuitive, logical and visual nature of the flowchart.

Create custom flowchart steps

Users have the ability to extend the capabilities of Matrox Design Assistant by way of the included Custom Step software development kit (SDK). The SDK, in combination with Microsoft Visual Studio® 2010 enables the creation of custom flowchart steps using the C# programming language. These steps can implement proprietary image analysis and processing, as well as proprietary communication protocols. The SDK comes with numerous project samples to accelerate development.

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Application deployment

Once development is complete, the project, with flowchart and operator interface, is deployed either locally or remotely. Local deployment is to the same computer or Matrox vision system as was used for development. Remote deployment is to a different computer, including a Matrox vision system, or a Matrox smart camera.

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Customizable developer interface

The Matrox Design Assistant user interface can be tailored by each developer. The workspace can be rearranged, even across multiple monitors, to suit individual preferences and further enhance productivity.

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Matrox Design Assistant 5: Overview

Matrox Design Assistant 4 Vision Based Robotic Guidance

Matrox Design Assistant 4 Bottling Inspection Video

Matrox Design Assistant Tutorial

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