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MIL-Lite 10 Supplemental Licenses

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Matrox Imaging Library

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MIL 10 Run-Time Licenses / MIL-Lite 10 Supplemental Licenses

Part number Description
Software License Keys
MXRTxxxxxxxx00 MIL 10 run-time software license key. The user must supply a lock code generated using the appropriate MIL utility/page. This unique lock code identifies the target computer system and MIL package(s) to license. Note: Combine packages by substituting 0 at the appropriate position x with the appropriate letter or other digit.
MXRTA000000000 MIL 10 image analysis package. Includes Image Processing, Blob Analysis, Bead Inspection, Measurement and Calibration modules.
MXRTM000000000 MIL 10 machine vision package. Includes Image Processing, Blob Analysis, Bead Inspection, Pattern Matching (NGC-based), Measurement and Calibration modules.
MXRT0I00000000 MIL 10 identification package. Includes OCR and Code Reader modules.
MXRT0C00000000 MIL 10 String Reader package.
MXRT0200000000 Both MXRT0I00000000 and MXRT0C00000000.
MXRT00J0000000 MIL/MIL-Lite 10 image compression package. Includes JPEG, JPEG2000 and H.264 codecs.
MXRT00T0000000 MIL/MIL-Lite 10 GPU Processing package. Requires appropriate additional package(s) if used with MIL (i.e., not required for MIL-Lite).
MXRT00B0000000 Both MXRT00J0000000 and MXRT00T0000000.
MXRT000G000000 MIL 10 Geometric Model Finder package.
MXRT000E000000 MIL 10 Edge Finder package.
MXRT0002000000 Both MXRT000G000000 and MXRT000E000000.
MXRT0000S00000 MIL/MIL-Lite 10 interface (GigE Vision®, IEEE 1394 IIDC and USB3 Vision™) package. Required if using a third-party NIC, IEEE 1394 adaptor or a USB 3.0 port on a third-party PC.
MXRT0000D00000 Distributed MIL/MIL-Lite 10 package for master or slave node. Not needed if used within the same physical system.
MXRT0000B00000 Both MXRT0000S00000 and MXRT0000D00000.
MXRT00000R0000 MIL 10 Registration package.
MXRT0000030000 MIL 10 3D calibration and reconstruction package.
MXRT0000020000 Both MXRT00000R0000 and MXRT0000030000.
MXRT000000Y000 MIL 10 Metrology package.
MXRT000000Q000 MIL 10 Color Analysis package.
MXRT000000B000 Both MXRT000000Y000 and MXRT000000Q000.
MXRT0000000Z00 MIL 10 industrial and robot communication package.
(Only for Matrox Design Assistant 4.)
MXRT0000000N00 MIL 10 Classification package
MXRT0000000200 Both MXRT 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Z 00 and MXRT 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 N 00
MXRTM2B2B2B000 All MIL 10 packages.
MXRTM2B2B2BZ00 All MIL 10 packages.
(Only for Matrox Design Assistant 4.)
MXRTM2B2B2B200 All MIL 10 packages (as of MIL 10 Processing Pack 3).
Hardware ID Keys
MILRTIDCMC MIL/MIL-Lite run-time USB hardware fingerprint and license storage. Replaces Matrox Imaging hardware as the fingerprint used to generate the unique system code. MXRT…000 still required.
Hardware License Keys
MXRTxxxxxxxx00U Pre-programmed MIL/MIL-Lite 10 run-time USB hardware license key that enables appropriate package(s) (see Software License Keys for available selections). Alternative to MXRT…00.

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