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Imaging Processing and Analysis Library

Salient Features

The PXIPL Library empowers C/C++ and Windows programmers to process and analyze images in conjunction with:

The PIXCI® imaging boards and XCLIB Library,
The EPIX® SILICON VIDEO® cameras, their PIXCI® imaging board, and XCLIB Library,
The 4MEG VIDEO™ imaging boards and 4MOBJ Library, or
The SILICON VIDEO® imaging boards and SVOBJ Library.
The PXIPL Library is compatible with all of the hardware and software environments supported by the XCLIB, 4MOBJ, and SVOBJ libraries. PXIPL routines operate directly upon imaging board buffers, upon images in PC memory, or upon images stored on disk.

PXIPL provides a wide selection of imaging routines. The major categories include: processing, enhancements, graphic lines and shapes, text overlay, printing, morphology, filters and edge detectors, transforms, convolutions, sequence integration and averaging, image printing, image copy and resizing, single image and image pair normalizations, blob analysis, histograms and moments, image load and save, calibration, correlation, subpixel accuracy measurements, and particle tracking.

The PXIPL C/C++ Function Library allows embedding image processing and analysis into user-written applications. Under Windows, the PXIPL DLL provides services to existing Windows applications which support “hooks” into DLLs.

Under Windows, PXIPL also provides image display on the S/VGA with integrated (non-blinking) cross-hair cursor overlay and integrated palette modifications. PXIPL also provides “waterfall” display of repeatedly captured image lines on the S/VGA.

PXIPL assists user-written programs in applications such as image enhancement, archival, analysis, and measurement; event and motion study; document capture; particle analysis; visual inspection; machine vision and quality control. Join the scientists and engineers in medical, industrial, and research environments who rely upon EPIX® imaging solutions.


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