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Image Analysis Software for PIXCI Imaging Boards

Salient Features

Designed to augment the features of PIXCI® imaging boards, XCAP puts image processing power at fingertip control. Under Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, or 8, or under Linux, with a few clicks of the mouse, easy-to-use menus and dialogs allow simple or complex imaging tasks to be effortlessly completed.

XCAP is engineered to provide solutions across diverse imaging technologies. Quality control, medical imaging, microscopy, machine vision, research & development, and varied applications requiring motion capture, image enhancement, calibrated measurement, particle analysis, multi-camera imaging, or image archival, are all easily accomplished.

Together, a PIXCI® frame grabber and XCAP seamlessly integrate most popular video cameras with a broad array of features: individual, sequence, or triggered capture and display; video enhancement and psuedo-color; examination of image details; an extensive library of image processing functions; graphical annotation; image export, import, and printing; and programmable video resolution.1

XCAP combines an easy-to-use Java-based graphical user interface with highly efficient “C” and assembler image processing routines. Multi-threading allows virtually unlimited views, graphs, and analyses of one or multiple images.

Simultaneous presentation and manipulation of multiple images, whether from PIXCI® frame buffers, TWAIN devices, or from disk, of varying resolutions and pixel formats, are all built-in features of XCAP.

XCAP includes a scripting language, user-defined tool bars, and non-procedural “spread sheet” programming for automating image analysis and inspection tasks. Other applications, in virtually any programming language, can remotely control XCAP through scripts.

XCAP is a scientific and engineering package providing hundreds of qualitative and quantitative imaging operations. Engineered with a unique flexible architecture, XCAP empowers researchers and developers to meet today’s requirements, as well as the evolving demands of future applications.

EPIX, Inc. has been providing imaging solutions to the research and industrial communities since 1984. Join the camera manufacturers, radiologists, astronomers, biologists, machine vision, quality control, and other engineers, who rely upon EPIX® imaging solutions.


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