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Imaging Processing and Analysis Library

Salient Features

The XCLIB Library empowers C/C++ and Windows, DOS, and Linux programmers to control the PIXCI® series of imaging boards.

XCLIB supports all versions and options of the PIXCI® imaging boards: 1

The PIXCI® D†, D24†, D32†, D2X, and D3X for digital output area-scan and line-scan cameras with 8, 10, 12, 14, and other bit depths, in monochrome or color.
The PIXCI® D2X or D2X1 for use with SILICON VIDEO® 2112†, 2112C†, 1310†, 1310C†, 1281M, and 1281C cameras.
The PIXCI® SI, SI1, SI2, or SI4 for use with SILICON VIDEO® 10C6, 10M6, 5C10, 5M10, 9C10, 9M001, 9M001C†, 9T001C, WGA-C and WGA-M cameras.
The PIXCI® SI for use with SILICON VIDEO® 642M and 642C cameras.
The PIXCI® SI1, SI2, or SI4 for use with SILICON VIDEO® 643M and 643C cameras.
The PIXCI® ELS2 for use with SILICON VIDEO® 022M cameras.
The PIXCI® E8CAM for use with SILICON VIDEO®
2KS-C and 2KS-M
The PIXCI® E4, E8, and EB1-PoCL for use with SILICON VIDEO® 10C-CL and 10M-CL cameras.
The PIXCI® CL1, CL2, CL3SD, E1†, E1DB†, E4, E4DB, E8, E8DB, EB1, EB1-PoCL, EC1, ECB1, ECB1-34, ECB2, EL1, and EL1DB, for Camera Link area-scan and line-scan cameras.
The PIXCI® A† for analog output, monochrome, area-scan and line-scan cameras.
The PIXCI® A310 for analog output area-scan cameras, VGA, SVGA, XGA and other video sources,
in monochrome or RGB component color.
The PIXCI® SV2†, SV3†, SV4†, SV5, SV5A, SV5B, SV5L, and SV7 for NTSC, PAL, RS-170, CCIR, and S-Video.
Multiple PIXCI® frame grabbers can be operated selectively or simultaneously, allowing parallel control for multi-camera vision of a single event or object, or selective control for capturing multiple, independent, events or objects.

Through the unique flexibility of XCLIB and the PIXCI® imaging boards, single frames or video sequences from standard RS-170, NTSC, PAL, or CCIR, from Camera Link, or from other nonstandard video sources can be captured, analyzed2, displayed, and archived3.

XCLIB provides high level services, allowing concentration on the imaging application, rather than focusing on board level programming.

XCLIB automatically detects and manages different versions of the PIXCI® imaging boards and their intended cameras. Fundamental services, such as setting resolution, capturing, and accessing image data, are the same regardless of camera or version of imaging board.

The XCLIB C/C++ libraries allow embedding control of PIXCI® imaging boards into user-written applications. Under Windows, the XCLIB DLL also enables access from existing Windows applications, such as Visual Basic, Delphi, LabView, Matlab, and many others, which support “calling” into DLLs.

XCLIB allows user-written programs to apply the PIXCI® imaging boards to applications such as image enhancement, archival, analysis and measurement; event and motion study; document capture; cine-loop and ultrasound image capture; particle analysis; visual inspection; machine vision and quality control. Join the scientists and engineers in medical, industrial, and research environments who rely upon EPIX® imaging solutions.


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