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Our machine vision and image processing experts have been in the field for over two decades. Their experience in finding the right solution for any application makes them a valuable resource for your company and ours. We have included just a small sample of applications where we have either been part of the solution or the complete solution.

More solutions are being added all the time. If you don’t find something similar to your application please feel free to contact us or call (510) 657-4000 to speak with an expert to see what we can do for you. Click on Components Expand to expand view for details of what was used for the application.


Acoustical Holography: Mammography

Generate acoustic holograms for analysis and diagnosis.

  • Multiple camera imaging system with 16 megapixel CCD cameras and lenses.

Arthroscopic Surgery: Incisions

High definition display of imagery from stereoscopic cameras with graphic overlays in real time.

  • Frame grabber - HD/SD SDI/analog video capture and display board for PCIe x4 with 128 MB DDR SDRAM and cable adapter board. Analog cable.
  • CCD color camera 768 x 494 resolution with 30 fps (frames per second).

Blood Glucose Strips: Diabetes

In-line inspection of blood glucose strips.

  • Multiple Firewire 1394B cameras (medium resolution of 1 to 2 megapixels) coupled with Firewire 1394B cards with asynchronized triggering.

DNA Scanning: High speed through put of multi-well plates

Volumetric image capture and reordering of image data at 850 MB/sec for medical diagnostics.

  • Frame grabber - Single-FULL Camera Link® PCIe x4 frame grabber with 1 GB DDR SDRAM and cable adapter board.
  • Development tooklit.

Diagnostics: Visualize deparation of materials

High speed line scan to visualize the separation of materals in a high speed analytical centrifuge.

  • High resolution multi-megapixel cameras with TDI, Time Delay Integration, sensors.

Optometry: Real time image capture

Fundus imaging to determine best laser treatment. Multi-camera sequencing.

  • Line scan cameras 1k, base Camera Link® 36 KHz, 10 bit.

Prostate Biopsy: Navigation and recording

3D State-of-the-art precision needle navigation and recording for prostate biopsy system.

  • NTSC and Camera Link framegrabbers with custom software and computers.

Radiation Oncology: Real time location of internal organs

Image capture for guidance of high energy X-rays for cancer treatment.

  • Frame grabber - standard/non-standard analog RGB/mono area scan PCI frame grabber with 4 MB buffer. Video sync separator.

Stent Inspection: Angioplasty

Inspection of stents used for angioplasty.

  • Large format megapixel Camera Link® cameras with embedded processors. Real time processing for in line inspection.

Hematology: Blood Vein Detection

Near IR & Far IR Cameras along with mobile laptops used to detect injection sites in blood veins.

  • Ingas NIR cameras. For infrared cameras. Laptop frame grabbers.


Alignment : Semiconductor overlays

Geometric pattern matching to align semiconductor overlays.

  • Software development toolkit.
  • Software license keys.

Optical Character Reading (OCR) : In process manufacture of semiconductor wafers

OCR detection of data matrix on semiconductor wafers - custom lighting dual scanning for T7 and M2 scribes.

  • CCD camera with CPU on board. Wafer reader with LED lighting, lens, 1024 x 768, 7.5 fps (frames per second).
  • Development software.
  • Angled Camera Link® cables.
  • Red focusing mini-spot lights.

Wafer Inspection : Wafer Macro-inspection

Capture of high speed line scan images for wafer macro-inspection.

  • Customized PMC carrier board.
  • Dual-Base or single-Medium, up to 85MHz, Camera Link® PCIe x4 Frame grabber with 64 MB DDR SDRAM and cable adapter board.

Wafer Inspection : Inspection of in process wafers

Capture and display of viable and SEM images for high speed CD-SEM inspection of in process wafers.

  • PCIe x4 vision processor board with 1 GHz MPC7447A 512 MB DDR SDRAM, integrated high frequen


Airborne Refueling : Video Assist

Assist in guiding aircraft in-flight to tanker fuel nozzle.

  • Multiple medium resolution one megapixel LVDS cameras coupled via fiber optics. Cameras are militarized and placed in custom gimbal along with custom optics.

Application : Image capture

GigE image capture and display via an image processor for UK military project.

  • Gigabit Ethernet frame grabber and software package.

Surveillance : Rocket engine testing

Monitoring security of facility with remote touring plus monitoring of rocket engines on test stands (failure analysis).

  • Multicamera and sensor package.

Weapons : Ballistics

The use of Hi-Speed, medium, and slow speed cameras to record weapons damage assessment to military vechicles.

  • Hi-Speed cameras SK fps, mediu


Live Graphics Overlay : Live graphics with text overlays

Insertion of text or graphics on live video feeds (SDI analog and SDI digital signals).

  • Single-card video/audio/graphics platform

Restoration of Audio Tracks: Groove structure analysis

Analyze groove structure so voice reconstruction can be done then burned to DVD for permanent storage.

  • High resolution line scan cameras.

Hi-Definition Video and Sound : The recording of HD Quality Video and Sound from Helicopters

Recording from multiple cameras complete with sound of ones flying experiences over very scenic locations (tourist attractions).

  • Multiple HD-SDI cameras, Generators, SDI cameras with audio upscale conventions and video switches.


Space Shuttle Design : High speed stereo image capture

Continuous high speed stereo image capture of an ultra hot flame impinging on space shuttle tiles.

  • Megapixel cameras, 2048 x 2048 base Camera Link® 16 fps (frames per second) 10 bit with F-mount.
  • Dual base frame grabber board.
  • Image capture system.
  • Development software.
  • Camera link cables.

Multispectral Airborne Tracking : Missile launch analysis

Multispectral analysis of launch mechanism and failure analysis. Long record capture sequences using infrared and high speed digital camera.

  • Infrared and high speed digital cameras.

Paved Surface Analysis : Airport runway crack propagation analysis

Use of high resolution line scan cameras coupled to long term digital video recorders to analyze crack propagation of airport runways by use of load bearing gantries.

  • Use of high resolution line scan cameras coupled to long term digital video recorders to analyze crack propagation of airport runways by use of load bearing gantries.


Multispectral Airborne Imaging : Determine health of crops

Multispectral airborne imaging of long continuous sequences from 8 cameras for determining the health of crops.

  • Mulitple high resolution 16 megapixel CCD cameras with 85mm f1.4 lenses.
  • Filters - blue band pass-UV block 470nm, light green band pass 525nm, light red band pass 635nm, IR long pass 715nm.
  • Multiple camera image acquisition system

High Tech

360 Degree Imaging : 360 Degree imaging of buildings

For 360 degree imaging of buildings along a street for populating image databases. These databases would be sold to various web mapping companies.

  • Multiple camera imaging system with 16 megapixel CCD cameras and lenses.

Solar Cells : Process control

Processing of line scan data to control the distance between two lines being printed on a wafer for solar cells.

  • PCI-X vision processor board with 1 GHz MPC7447A, 512 MB DDR SDRAM, integrated dual-base Camera Link® frame grabber and cable board adapter.
  • Software development kit.


Defect Recording : Visual defect identification

Long term visual recording (24 hours) of visual defect on hot rolled steel and aluminium. Defect identification and location of metal moving at fast linear rates.

  • Line scan cameras.

Flat Panel Display Inspection : Final inspection

Final inspection of flat panel displays for televisions.

  • Multiple high resolution line scan cameras and real time embedded processors.

Laser Penning : Automated laser welding

Automated laser welding to strengthen steel welds in turbine blades for jet engines and valves and CAMs for racing cars.

  • Robotic arm coupled to two color line scan cameras (low resolution).
  • Frame grabbers - ASiC frame grabber with 64 bit processing capability to guide laser welder to strenghten steel welds in real time.

Robotic Placement of Parts : Automated robotic arms

Pick and place parts.

  • Use of robotic arms coupled with small block color CCD cameras (low resolution 640 x 480).
  • Processing in real time using frame grabbers with on board DSPs.

Flat Panel Display Inspection : Calibration

Calibration of ASCII characters displayed on screen.

  • Mutiple high resolution 16 megapixel cameras with laptop framegrabbers and custom software.


Image Scanning : Fingerprint ID

High speed fingerprint and hand scanning identification for Federal agencies and law enforcement.

  • High resolution line scan camera modules.
  • Embedded Systems - custom software.


Night Vision : Image quality testing

Capture of 24 bit infrared (IR) images for quality control and image anaylsis.

  • Camera link image acquisition system.
  • Dual base frame grabber board.
  • Frame link Camera Link® cardbus video capture cards.

Particle Abrasion : Visual recording of particles

Long term visual recording of particles hitting bridge pylons under water coupled with other real time sensor data.

  • Computer Subsystem

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