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ST Robotics R17-Six

6-Axis, 750mm Robotic Arm

The R17-Six Low cost bench-top 750mm, 6 axis articulated robot arm.  The R17 is a complete self-contained five axis vertically articulated robot arm system designed as a cost effective solution for processes requiring long reach or difficult access. Applications include product testing, sample handling, parts handling, machine feeding, welding, spraying, sound measurement and many more. It is easy to apply and program yet is capable of the most intricate tasks.

The 6th axis is a unique way to make 6 axes optional, being an add-on module with a miniature stepping motor driving through a Swiss anti-backlash gearbox.

R17 (Deucaleon) is a low cost entry to robotics, fast, accurate and reliable and easy to program. It has a long reach and therefore a larger and much more useful workspace than comparable machines. Originally designed by a Russian engineer in our Cambridge location, the mechanics are simple and phenomenally reliable. There are R17 Mk1s in service which have been running 3 shifts a day for 12 years without failure; in fact it has a 2 year warranty.   The Mk5 uses new light weight, high speed, high efficiency hybrid stepping motors with intelligent micro-stepping for both power and speed and for low speed precision when required. Each motion of the robot is monitored by the encoders that stop all motion in the event of a collision or other problem.


  • Long reach 6-axis articulated format
  • Easy mounting of tools, grippers, sensors etc
  • Fully enclosed; pneumatics and wiring go through the arm, not strapped to the outside.
  • Free simple intuitive teach pad
  • User friendly software, English language commands
  • Input/output interfacing
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Complete with controller, software, on-screen manuals, cables, etc. Ready to go
  • Optional pneumatic or electric grippers, vacuum pickup, tool changers, collision detection.
  • Incremental encoder watchdogs
  • R17 is supplied ready to run — robot, controller, all cables, Windows GUI project manager, teach pad
  • On-screen manuals
  • Optional linear track, I/O expansion, bluetooth teachpad, TCP/IP


R17 SpecificationsR17 ApplicationsWatch R17Mk5 PackageWorkspaceOrder R17-Six

R17 Specifications 5 and 6-Axis Models

Drives High power micro-stepped hybrid stepping motors
incremental encoder watchdogs
Reach 750mm/30ins in any direction; full 360 degree waist rotation
Payload (standard) nominal 1Kg, max 2Kg (4.4lbs) at flange
(repeatability and speed degrade with increasing payload and reach).
Repeatability 0.2mm*
droop at 500mm at nominal payload
Compliance:  droop at max reach, max payload 6mm
Maximum speed (after acceleration 2) Waist 150 deg/sec, Shoulder 120 deg/sec, Elbow 180deg/sec,
hand and wrist 220deg/sec, 6th axis roll 220deg/sec. (approx 800mm/s)
Max torque for hand pitch or roll:
(6th axis version hand pitch and yaw)
2 Nm (repeatability figures degrade with increasing torque).
Max torque for 6th axis roll 0.4 Nm
Weight 5-axis 22.0Kg/49lbs, 6-axis 23.0Kg/52lbs, Controller 11.1kg/25lbs
Power 110/240v ac 420VA (standard controller)
Environment IP 54A, 0 – 40C (wider range optional)
MTBF 20,000 hours (typically over a million cycles)


White powder-coat plus white vacuum formed ABS plastic covers.
Optional high impact polystyrene covers (see swatch below)

*Repeatability measured as a standard deviation of all 3 dimensions at 100% speed and zero payload over 24 hours after a 1 hour
warming up period. Figures for ISO 9283 available on request.

R17 Applications

  • Testing
  • Sample handling
  • Parts handling
  • Machine feeding
  • Welding
  • Spraying
  • Sound measurement and many more
  • Easy to apply and program
  • Capable of the most intricate tasks

Watch R17 in Action

Arc welding with R17



Simulated sealant dispense -R12 and R19 also capable of this


Tool changing with R17


Ring scan Computed using RobWin Curve Generator – R12 also has capability


Spray coating with R17


R17 serving molding machine


Dual robot application for carton erection

The Mk5 Package

The Mk5 package includes the new Mk5 controller that again is simple and reliable using a partnership of CPU and DSP micro-processors and compact MOSFET drives. ROBOFORTH II embedded software gets you started easily yet permits the most complex motions, interfaces and peripherals to be programmed, assisted by ROBWIN project manager that brings everything together on one Windows screen. Everyone who uses this system agrees it is the most flexible robot software on the planet. You’ll find it a joy to use.

R17 Workspace

Workspace is a sphere approx 1500mm (60ins) in diameter not including the hand.


Base fixings to bench



Wrist flange (not to scale)



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