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ST Robotics R19

Laboratory Robot, bench top 4-axis cylindrical format robot arm

R19  Ideal for laboratories as well as many industrial applications.  New design longer stroke for shorter physical axis length (less overhead). R19 is a low cost entry to bench top robotics, fast, accurate and reliable and easy to program. It is of the cylindrical format with four axes ideally suited to working in a plane around the robot. Like our other robot arms it is excellent value fast and accurate. The mechanics are incredibly simple and phenomenally reliable; its predecessors have been running 3 shifts a day for a decade without failure, in fact we give a 2 year warranty. It is easy to apply and program yet is capable of the most intricate tasks. 

Like all ST robots it uses new light weight, high speed, high efficiency stepping motors with encoder feedback. The new design (R19E) has the motors mounted to the sides of the axis drives which reduces the physical lengths of the axes compared to strokes (total movement). This makes it even easier to fit in confined spaces such as fume cupboards or lead enclosures.

The package includes the Mk5 controller which is simple and reliable using a partnership of fast CPU and DSP processors and compact micro-stepping drives. Software is ROBOFORTH II which make this robot really easy to get started with yet the most complex motions, interfaces and peripherals may be programmed, assisted by ROBWIN project manager which brings everything together on one screen. ActiveX modules make it easy to integrate into larger systems. Everyone who uses this system agrees it is the most flexible robot software on the planet.

With programmable speed and acceleration, programmable gripper confirmation and intelligent error handling the R19 will carry your expensive sample quickly and safely without spilling or dropping or leaving you wresting it from the gripper in some peripheral.


  • 4 axis Cylindrical format
  • Fully enclosed
  • Fast and accurate
  • Slim ‘Ultraglide’ extend arm and end effector drive for access to confined spaces
  • ‘Ultraglide’ Z-axis.
  • Narrow axis apertures for safety and cleanliness
  • Simple teach pad
  • Pneumatic or electric gripper (shown)
  • Extensive input/output interfacing
  • Non-volatile memory, dual fast processors
  • Easy hardware and software integration into any system with serial (or USB) and ActiveX
  • Complete with controller, manuals, software, cables, etc. Ready to go
  • Optional track
  • Choice of colors
  • Optional cleanroom preparation


R19 SpecificationsApplicationsWatch R19 in ActionLinear TrackWorkspaceOrder R19

R19 Specifications

Drives Hybrid rare earth micro-stepped stepping motors, incremental encoder feedback
Reach max 549mm, min 149mm (H in diagram below)
Lift stroke


mounting flange minimum 91mm above bench surface
(V in diagram below)


Waist 180 deg/sec. Lift 500mm/sec, extend 500 mm/sec, Wrist 360 deg/sec. (turbo available)
Waist rotation 360 degrees
Wrist rotation 445 degrees
Resolution Standard: 0.075mm, Turbo: 0.15mm
Payload nominal 2Kg/max 4Kg at flange.
Repeatability +/-0.075mm*
Weight 14.5Kg/33lbs (robot only)
Power 110/115/220/240v ac 250VA (standard controller)
MTBF 10,000 hours
Warranty 2 years or 10,000 hours whichever comes first
Finish Powder-coat, choice of colors.

*Repeatability is measured as a standard deviation of the worst dimension of the 3, measured at X=0 Y=500mm Z=0 at 50% speed and zero payload over 24 hours after a 1 hour warming up period. Figures for ISO 9283 available on request.

R19 Applications

  • Pick and Place
  • Handling micro-titration plates
  • And other laboratory tasks

Watch R19 in Action

R19 in simulated laboratory task, moving micro-titration plates from a stack to a tray representing one of the many liquid handling workstations.


R19 places oil sample on PQ analyser, commands analyser, retrieves measurement, passes measurement to computer and returns sample to tray.

R19 with Optional Linear Track

r19t1 (1)

R19 may optionally be mounted on a linear track. This has dual crossed-roller linear bearings providing speed and precision along with smoothness and lack of vibration and noise. Max speed 1000mm/sec. Positional repeatability 0.2mm. R19D pictured on 1m track. High speed version available.

Watch the R19 with Linear Track (High Speed Version)

R19 Workspace

Workspace is a cylinder approx 1100mm in diameter by 500mm high. (see H and V in specifications above and diagrams below). End effector will affect reach i.e. longer fingers will increase reach. Reach is normally measured to the center-line of rotation of the gripper.


r19front r19top

















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