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Teledyne DALSA Cameras

High Performance Area, Line Scan, and TDI Line Scan Cameras

Our vision is sharp. Teledyne DALSA offers powerful, innovative CCD and CMOS cameras combining industry-leading performance with cutting-edge feature sets and value.

About Dalsa

For over 30 years, Teledyne DALSA has delivered industry-leading technology for digital imaging and specialized semiconductor fabrication. With core competencies in CCD and CMOS imagers, high-performance electronic cameras, image processing hardware and software, Teledyne DALSA is committed to enabling industry and exploration through innovative technology.

Dalsa Introduces the New Genie Nano – Smaller, Faster, Stronger, Cheaper. 

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Camera Models

Falcon Area Scan Camera

VGA TO 4MP, CMOS and CCD global shutter, up to 300 fps


The Falcon series includes XDR models optimized for high dynamic range and HG models optimized for high sensitivity, with resolutions from VGA to 4 megapixels and frame rates up to 300 fps.

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Falcon2 Area Scan Camera

4 to 12MP, CMOS shutter, up to 168 fps

The Falcon2 series is Teledyne DALSA’s latest high-performance area camera family, featuring the latest CMOS technology for high speed, high resolution imaging with true global shutter operation.

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Genie Area Scan Camera

VGA to 1.6 MP, Legacy Product

Teledyne DALSA’s Genie cameras combine standard gigabit Ethernet technology with Teledyne DALSA’s Trigger to Image Reliability framework to dependably capture and transfer images from the camera to the host PC.

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Genie TS Area Scan Camera

VGA to 12 MP, GigE, CMOS and CCD global shutter, up to 300 fps


Genie TS is a next-generation camera platform engineered to meet the critical performance and environmental requirements of challenging applications such as ITS.

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Genie Nano Area Scan Camera

VGA to 25MP, GigE, CMOS, up to 52fps with TurboDrive, compact, 46 grams, Rugged

GigE vision CMOS area scan camera that redefines low cost performance. Robust build quality for wide operating temperature, and an unmatched feature set–all at an incredible price.

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Linea Line Scan Camera

Rich, high-value line scan cameras, Camera Link & GigE

The new Linea™ family of line scan cameras provides the uncompromising performance and rich feature-set found in Teledyne DALSA’s high-end line scan cameras at an unprecedented price point. Based on the most advanced CMOS line scan technology.

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Spyder2 Line Scan Camera

Dual linescan sensitivity, high line rates, GigE Interface

Dalsa Color Piranha camera pic with LENS

Spyder2 is a small, fast, line scan camera that delivers more sensitivity and more programmability than the original Spyder while remaining true to its legacy of easy interface and cost-effectiveness.

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Spyder3 Line Scan Camera

Dual linescan sensitivity, high line rates, GigE Interface

The latest generation of compact, high-performance, high-value line scan cameras, Spyder3 brings unprecedented responsivity and throughput to bear on your industrial inspection challenges.

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Piranha3 is discontinued. See Linea for replacement.

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Piranha4 Line Scan Camera

Ultra High Speed and Performance: Mono and Color up to 8k

Powered by the latest high performance CMOS line scan imagers, the Piranha4 offers resolutions from 2k to 8k pixels in a variety of pixel sizes to let you inspect and detect with unrivalled precision, speed, and responsivity.

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Piranha4 Polarization Line Scan Camera

Industry’s first line scan polarization camera: making the invisible visible.

The Piranha4 Polarization™ camera is a breakthrough in the machine vision industry. This high-speed polarization camera features three native polarization states plus an unfiltered channel.

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Piranha XL Line Scan Camera

Multi-line CMOS TDI delivers breakthrough performance


Multi-line CMOS camera, delivering unprecedented speed and responsivity with low noise. Exposure control allows for seamless variable speed imaging down to stopped conditions on select models.

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Piranha HS Line Scan Camera (TDI)

Highest sensitivity, highest line rates, up to 12k


Combination of speed, resolution and sensitivity cannot be matched by any other camera and it includes the world’s first high speed 12k TDI based standard camera.

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Piranha ES Line Scan Camera (TDI)

Incredible Performance: High sensitivity, high line rates, up to 8k


The Piranha ES (Extended Sensitivity) family brings an incredible combination of speed, resolution and sensitivity to low-light applications, bridging the sensitivity gap between single line cameras and the highest sensitivity Piranha HS series.

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Calibir IR Camera

Uncooled long wave infrared (LWIR) Camera

Uncooled long wave infrared (LWIR) camera platform offers outstanding shutterless imaging performance and great flexibility in a very compact package. With a frontal form factor of 29mm x 29mm the camera can be integrated in tight spaces for compact solutions.

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