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Uniforce offers frame grabbers from BitFlow, EPIX,  Matrox, and a few others, and provides what your projects require. Please contact Uniforce (510-657-4000) for more information on any of these products or any other products that are not listed here.

Zebra Technologies

Zebra Technologies has been in business since 1969 and has acquired Matrox Imaging.

matroxMatrox Imaging provides developers with the industry’s most comprehensive frame grabber family. Hardware ranges from boards designed for very cost-sensitive applications, to frame grabbers integrating flexible, high-rate acquisition and pre-processing capabilities.

Matrox frame grabbers products: Morphis, Solios: ev_CL, Solios: eCL/XCL-B, Solios: eA/XA, Vio, Orion HD, Radient eCL, Radient eV-CXP


BitFlow has a frame grabber model for almost every camera manufactured. Whether your camera is Camera Link, Differential (LVDS or RS422) or even analog, BitFlow can provide the interface.



EpixlogosEPIX offers PIXCI® series frame grabbers that interface to over 1000 different camera models made by over 70 camera manufacturers.  Epix Frame Grabber Products: Camera Link for PCI Express, Camera Link for PCI


KAYA Instruments

Kaya_Instruments_logo  Established in 2008, offers CoaXPress Frame Grabbers, CoaXPress  Range Extenders over Fiber/Coax, and the CoaXPress Camera Simulator.


Emergent Vision Technology

powerful network interface cards (NICs) to help you get the most out of your Emergent Vision Technologies cameras. Additionally, we’ve partnered with renowned suppliers to offer additional NICs to support your needs.



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